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Re: Anti Troll FAQ

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Sunday 15 Nov 2009 09:01 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> High Plains Thumper on Saturday:
>>> Following is provided for permanent archiving in Google Groups,
>>> since the originating webpage
>>> http://www.hyphenologist.co.uk/killfile is no longer available. -
>>> HPT
>>> Anti Troll FAQ
>> Thanks. The Munchkins need to be reminded that they are breaking the
>> rules and should at least be ignored.
> Their whole intent is destroying the newsgroup.  I've noticed they've
> ramped up their FUD campaign against Linux.  No wonder, it is Windows 7
> release.
> It also looks like Microsoft will try every trick in the book to force
> users off Windows XP, which many have continued to retain, those that
> haven't migrated to Linux, Mac, Free BSD or Solaris.
> Recently I went ahead and rebuilt the XP partition.  With Windows 98, a
> rebuild was due every 6 months to a year.  XP was more stable, 1 to 2
> years.  But recent crashes of a game application has me puzzled.
> The only reason why I retained Windows was for gaming.  There are
> several legacy games, Command and Conquer First Decade being one.  Then
> several months ago, I purchased Command and Conquer Red Alert 3.
> I wait until a game priced at $40 to $60 US drop down to less then $30,
> which is about a year later after released.
> The game ran fine, only occasionally crashing, finished all three campaigns.
> The latest series of patches have rendered it unplayable.  I started
> getting a "Windows had to terminate the application" dialogue box with
> the "send or no send" Microsoft the error report.
> Then DirectX errors started to appear, if I attempted to start up the
> application after first crash.
> I found in one instance, that Doctor Watson discovered something it did
> not like and was killing it.
> This is after a fresh XP wipe and install, then install application.
> I don't know what the blazes is going on, but it sure seems that the
> only solution is to pony up $200 US and buy a Windows 7 premium edition
> so I can play legacy games.
> Well, I can live without these games, they were for my pure
> entertainment.  I certainly won't upgrade because Microsoft thinks I
> need to.
> I was disappointed to keep seeing Windows XP take forever to boot up,
> the hard disk to stop grinding away before I could have a useful gaming
> session.  It was a necessary evil.
> The latest shenanigans certainly isn't winning this gaming fan, that's
> for sure.
> I'll take those $200 for an operating system, upgrade my motherboard,
> memory and processor with it.  Go from single processor Celeron to dual
> processor, preferably AMD.  Next will be Ubuntu Karmic Koala and $60 US
> for Cedega, etc.
> That way I will be completely off Windows forever in my home.
> The Wintrolls can stuff it in their Microsoft stock portfolio.
> Heh!

Actually, their trolling is a good sign that GNU/Linux as a threat to Microsoft
has grown significantly. I hate the trolling that I see quoted in replies (past killfiles)
but at the same time it's a form of victory because it means that the 
Munchkins are nervous.

"...then they fight you..."

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes

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