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[News] Free Software Works Well for Business

Free software in real business

,----[ Quote ]
| There are many âtheoreticalâ talks about 
| how free software can be used commercially, 
| that it can greatly stimulate business 
| activity and so on. There are very few real 
| life examples of that. And most of them, as 
| I can see, firstly had just common 
| classical proprietary model of software 
| development and only later some of them 
| either freed their products or at least 
| opened. As I can understand, only after 
| fear of competition had gone they tried to 
| made timid steps to open-source (as nearly 
| none of them really understand difference 
| between open-source and free software (as 
| most of users too)) just to seem good and 
| king in societyâs eyes.
| Now I want to tell you some kind of so-
| called success story of one company (where 
| I work nowadays): company that chose 
| freedom path as a base for software 
| development. Actually it does not 
| specialize itself on software, but on high-
| performance server solutions and storage 
| systems manufacturing.


Survey to answer free software service concern

,----[ Quote ]
| The New Zealand Open Source Society has 
| teamed up with Victoria University's School 
| of Information Management to poll ICT 
| vendors on their ability to support free 
| software.
| The vendor capability survey is part of the 
| Public Sector Remix project, which involves 
| a number of central, regional and local 
| government agencies trialing free software 
| for desktop tasks such as document 
| management, mail, calendar and browser-
| based information services.



Business and FOSS

,----[ Quote ]
| Back at a conference, someone said, âThere are no free lunches.â I agree. But
| how about paying a small amount and you get to have the lunch and dessert as
| an assortment? Above that, youâre entertained as a privileged guest.
| [...]
| The most interesting thing that Open Source has to give the community of
| startups, bloggers, hackers, coders etc. is the ability to work from an
| environment which is driven by a society of like minded people and is free to
| use, share and extend. What sustains over a period of time is the bottom-up
| approach in which Open Source compels the amateur user to make what he wants;
| and if thatâs good enough it survives and succeeds.


Windows 7 vs Ubuntu 9.10

,----[ Quote ]
| I love Windows 7 but I canât give up by favorite
| Linux OS either. So, I finally decided to do a
| Performance Benchmark Showdown to decide who
| gets to rule on my PC. Probably, everyone knows
| whatâs new in both of them.
| [...]
| All said and done, if you need performance,
| Ubuntu is for you. If you are looking onGaming,
| you have no other choice than Windows. If you
| are looking at Features again Windows 7 is the
| one for you.


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