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Re: [News] Dell Gets Closer to Canonical/Ubuntu/GNU/Linux

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____/ wispygalaxy on Wednesday 18 Nov 2009 02:39 : \____

> Terry Porter wrote:
>> Sadly I suspect that Dell have some contractual obligations with
>> Microsoft that require the logo "Dell recommends and uses xxyyydows" to
>> be used in their adverts.
>> Dell are spammers in Australia and I get paper maildrops from them every
>> month with the above logo. I have even phoned and asked Dell to stop
>> posting me their stuff.
> Yes, I get the magazines too at my house.  My dad called customer service a
> couple of times, and wasn't too thrilled with the service.  He could barely
> understand what the people on the other side of the phone was saying.  (He
> called about the computer, not the magazine.)
>> I guess that will teach me to order a 2409 24" LCD from Dell won't it ?
>> (it's about 2 years old now, and belongs on this workstation ... love it!)
> My family got a Dell monitor with the Dell desktop in 2004, and we still use
> it to this day.  Now we have a HP desktop that uses the Dell monitor.
>> The Dell printed spam isn't too thick however and my little shredder,
>> grinds them up them faithfully.
> I'm too lazy to shred paper.  I just toss it in the recycling bin!

Dell has this gimmick about planting trees. It also has that whole AIDS thing (RED) which
together with Microsoft is uses to just make more money.

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seeking to compel Microsoft to obey the law. Itâs quite revealing 
that Mr. Gates equates the two."
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