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[News] Patents Look Like a 'Pyramid Scheme' by Lawyers, for Lawyers

  • Subject: [News] Patents Look Like a 'Pyramid Scheme' by Lawyers, for Lawyers
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 02:22:06 +0000
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Australian Patent Lawyers Claim Patenting Genes Is Necessary For Biomedical Research

,----[ Quote ]
| This is, of course, ridiculous. First of 
| all, much of the research on these things 
| is often done via government and 
| university funding -- and it's often done 
| for reasons other than locking up a 
| monopoly on the technique. Reasons such as 
| helping people live better lives (*gasp* 
| -- what a concept!). Or, more to the 
| point, it's done so that firms can sell an 
| actual product. If they have to compete in 
| the marketplace, that's a good thing, as 
| it pushes them to be more efficient and 
| offer a better overall service, rather 
| than just jacking up prices. And how do 
| they offer a better overall service? Oh 
| yeah, often by continuing to do more 
| research and creating new breakthroughs.
| These sorts of claims of industries 
| collapsing are moral panics and folk 
| devils put forth by patent attorneys who 
| are really afraid that it's going to hurt 
| their own business.


Jackpot: Lawyers earn fees from law they wrote

,----[ Quote ]
| Every lawsuit filed or even threatened 
| under a California law aimed at electing 
| more minorities to local offices â and all 
| of the roughly $4.3 million from 
| settlements so far â can be traced to just 
| two people: a pair of attorneys who worked 
| together writing the statute, The 
| Associated Press has found.


Lawyers Write Law, And Then Are The Only Ones To Make Millions Directly Off Of It



The Cultural Gulf Between Lawyers And Technologists On Patent Law

,----[ Quote ]
| On Wednesday I attended the Brookings Institution's conference on "The Limits
| of Abstract Patents in an Intangible Economy." The conference was organized
| by software patent skeptics, so that perspective has been well represented.
| But I was struck by the dramatic differences between the views of lawyers on
| the one hand (who made up the majority of the panelists and audience members)
| and the handful of technologists on the other.

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