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Re: Intel in threats and bribery suit

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____/ Homer on Thursday 19 Nov 2009 00:49 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> ____/ Homer on Saturday 14 Nov 2009 01:10 : \____
>>> Until the US, and other countries which model their bizniz methods
>>> on this sick American ideology, officially recognise the profound
>>> and intrinsic immorality of such thuggish business practises,
>>> companies like Intel and Microsoft will forever continue to operate
>>> like gangsters ... then indignantly proclaim their innocence,
>>> since they are, after all, only following the precepts of American
>>> culture - a culture that extols the virtues of brutality.
>> That's quite a generalisation. There are many good people who
>> disagree with the actions of their government, including those who
>> find other ways of doing business
> Yes it is a generalisation, but it's also probably representative of a
> significant number of businesses. Ethical business, i.e. that which is
> based on the principle of cooperation and fair competition, instead of
> domination by destruction, seems to be practised by increasingly small
> number of companies these days.
>> e.g. Mozilla Foundation.
> They may not be the best example, due to their (ab)use of Intellectual
> Monopolies (Draconian restrictions imposed by trademarks).

Trademarks are not as bad as other monopolies. Mozilla's admiration for Apple is
a bigger issue but a small one nonetheless.

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