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Re: Google Chrome OS (Linux) Confirmed Just Days Away

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____/ philo on Thursday 19 Nov 2009 02:11 : \____

> Goblin wrote:
>> Rex Ballard wrote:
>>> On Nov 18, 7:25 pm, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> wrote:
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>>>> Googleâs Chrome OS Will Be Shown This Week
>>>> http://gigaom.com/2009/11/17/googles-chrome-os-will-be-shown-this-week/
>>>> Google to provide update on Chrome OS
>>>> http://www.linuxworld.com/news/2009/111809-google-to-provide-update-o...
>>>> Google Chrome OS Code May Be Released To Public
>>>> http://www.india-server.com/news/google-chrome-os-code-may-be-release...
>>>> Huge anticipation for Google's Chrome OS
>>>> http://www.techradar.com/news/software/operating-systems/huge-anticip...
>>> For the first time in 20 years a company almost as big as Microsoft is
>>> ready to give them some real competition on the desktop.
>>> Google has introduced about 1 billion people to Linux through it's
>>> search engine.  If they do half as well with their Linux/Browser,
>>> Microsoft should be very worried.
>>> By using their own branding, Google avoids much of the stigma and
>>> religion of Linux, much the way Apple's OS/X avoided the stigma and
>>> history of UNIX.
>>> I suspect that OEMs and CIOs alike are chomping at the bit to see what
>>> Google has delivered and will deliver.
>>> The best Microsoft has been able to get is "Well, it's better than
>>> Vista", but many users are still disappointed with Windows 7 and see
>>> little reason to spend millions of dollars to upgrade to Windows 7 as
>>> a corporate standard.
>> Hi Rex, couldn't agree more and the question of why people should pay to
>> upgrade was something that was never really answered to my satisfaction
>> (even by MS employee's on my blog)
>> It made me laugh when Steve Ballmer was reported to have said that the
>> reason Vista had issues was because they listened to early good
>> feedback...yet another employee was saying that Vista was poorly
>> received because Microsoft wasn't telling its story right....
> I saw an interview with Ballmer where he was pinned down and had to
> admit there were problems with Vista.
> He said that by increasing security...that certain "incompatibles"
> occurred...
> then went on to say that if they had not added all the security
> measures... there would have been problems in other areas.
> At least he told the truth on that one !
> Anyway when Chrome OS comes out...I'll be sure to give it a try

Chromium OS?

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