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[News] Software Freedom Scorecard Explained

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About Open Source Value Creation and Consumption

,----[ Quote ]
| The relationship between open source 
| communities and vendors keeps being a topic of 
| debate these days. Simon Phipps at the South 
| Tyrol Free Software Conference gave a talk 
| about his âsoftware freedom scorecardâ, a 
| method to indicate the approach vendors take 
| to promote software freedom as part of their 
| business strategies.



RMS and His Magic Bread

,----[ Quote ]
| Imagine that you are in a world where people are starving. Imagine you have
| some bread, and you were confronted with starving people: most would feel a
| compulsion to share that bread. But imagine now that you had RMS's special
| kind of bread that could be eaten once or a million times: how much greater
| would the duty to share that bread with the hungry be? And how much more
| despicable would the person who refused to share that bread be?
| Translate this now to the realm of ideas. We are surrounded by people hungry
| for knowledge, and we do possess that magic bread - digital copies of
| knowledge that can be shared infinitely without diminishing it. Do we not
| have a similar moral duty to share that magic bread of digital knowledge with
| all those that hunger for it?

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