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[News] SK Telecom Goes for Linux

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SK Telecom prepping LiMo phone for Korea

,----[ Quote ]
| LiMo Foundation announced that Korean wireless 
| provider SK Telecom will deploy a Samsung-made 
| "SCH-M510 "phone that complies with the LiMo 
| (Linux Mobile) specification and offers a 3.5-
| inch AMOLED display. Meanwhile, LG 
| Electronics, Samsung, SK Telecom, and the 
| Korean government have launched the Korea LiMo 
| Ecosystem Association to promote LiMo app 
| development, says the Foundation.


LiMo grabs limelight from Android with Korea win



LiMo phone sports fan-like interface

,----[ Quote ]
| It was unclear whether Edge Intuition supports
| some or all of the next-generation LiMo R2
| specification, which underlies the Vodafone's
| 360 H1 phone. However, an ALP 3.0 subset was
| said to have been one of two R2 "Reference
| Implementations" available to LiMo members. The
| other was the Azingo Mobile 2.0 stack, which
| appears to have been used by Vodafone for its
| 360 H1 phone.


Samsung H1 And M1 Are First LiMo R2 Handsets

,----[ Quote ]
| Not much has been heard about LiMo, their Linux Mobile
| OS, and all the phones coming out featuring said OS,
| basically Google Android and everything else has
| overshadowed LiMo to a point of no real return in my
| honest opinion.
| Samsung is on the verge of releasing two spanking brand
| new LiMo handsets later in the year, these handsets are
| called the Samsung H1 and Samsung M1, both feature LiMo
| OS R2 (Release 2) which is expected to boots recognition
| of the OS and its hardwares.


Second Android Samsung phone heads for T-Mobile

,----[ Quote ]
| Like both the i7550 and Samsung's first LiMo (Linux
| Mobile) phone, the 360 H1 -- destined for a European
| release by Vodafone this fall -- the Behold II offers an
| AMOLED (active-matrix organic light emitting diode)
| display, providing "crisper colors and wider viewing
| angles," according to Samsung.


Samsung i8320 Leaked!

,----[ Quote ]
| Well here is something good for you Linux fans out there. Nokia recently
| leaked their Nokia N900/RX-51 Rover which runs on the Maemo (Linux) Platform.
| It now seems that Samsung are also wanting to try out Linux on their phones
| and hereâs the end result. The Samsung i8320 is a Linux Based smart-phone
| which is in the final stages of production. The phone supports touch pad.


More signs point to Samsung Linux phone

,----[ Quote ]
| A Samsung executive has confirmed the company is preparing its own version of
| Linux for a new smartphone, says an industry report. Meanwhile, another story
| has leaked a sketch of a Linux-based "Samsung i8320" phone said to be near
| completion, and this device may be Samsung's first LiMo-compliant model.


Samsung unveils first Android handset

,----[ Quote ]
| Samsung has finally taken the wraps off its first Google Android-based
| handset, with an official launch of its I7500 phone.


Samsung Plans Three Android Phones This Year

,----[ Quote ]
| The company said its first Android device would be released this summer in
| the European markets, and two handsets would come to the U.S. market later
| this year on two carriers. While it did not say which carriers would pick up
| Samsung's Android handset, it will likely be T-Mobile and Sprint Nextel
| because the mobile operators are both part of the Open Handset Alliance.


Samsung's Android Linux Handsets Coming Soon

,----[ Quote ]
| Those who thought Samsung was on a mobile phone spewing spree so far at the
| Mobile World Congress (MWC), here's more news for you.



Samsung dismisses corruption probe fears

,----[ Quote ]
| Prosecutors this month launched a probe into allegations that Samsung Group
| officials kept a slush fund and bribed prosecutors, judges and lawmakers.
| President Roh Moo-hyun has approved the establishment of an independent
| counsel to look into the allegations made by former Samsung lawyer Kim
| Yong-chul.


Samsung bribery scandal embroils politicians

,----[ Quote ]
| SAMSUNG IS bracing itself for an investigation into allegations of bribery
| and corruption that go to the heart of the Korean government.
| [...]
| According to AFP, Kim says he saw a bribery list kept in a secret vault in
| Samsung's headquarters.

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