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Re: [News] Ideas for Selecting Free CMS Software

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____/ 7 on Saturday 21 Nov 2009 08:31 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> Drupal or Django? A Guide for Decision Makers
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Thereâs a large body of technical information
>> | out there about content management systems and
>> | frameworks, but not much written specifically
>> | for decision-makers. Programmers will always
>> | have preferences, but itâs the product
>> | managers and supervisors of the world who
>> | often make the final decision about what
>> | platform on which to deploy a sophisticated
>> | site. Thatâs tricky, because web platform
>> | decisions are more-or-less final â itâs very,
>> | very hard to change out the platform once the
>> | wheels are in motion. Meanwhile, the decision
>> | will ultimately be based on highly technical
>> | factors, while managers are often not highly
>> | technical people.
>> `----
>> http://birdhouse.org/blog/2009/11/11/drupal-or-django/
> The highest 'technical factor' for business managers
> turned pseudo project managers is believe it or not
> is the speed of implementation. If you can quote 30 days
> while others are quoting 90 days, you got that contract.
> The way to get to that nirvana is through scripting.
> If you got a script that can install apache, php, MySQL,
> ecommerce, contact management, stock management,
> returns management, reporting etc.. all with a click
> of the return key, then put that down on the bid
> and win it. All you are left with is customising the fields.
> With open source you got access to everything
> and its easy to write the scripts
> and hand them over for them to customers if they
> want to maintain it as part of the hand over instead
> of milking it so that they can trust your workmanship
> because their entire business is depending on that IT system.

This 'non-profit' called the White House recently dumped its
proprietary CMS and operating system. It moved to LAMP with Drupal.

More companies should pay attention to this "White House" thingie.

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