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[News] More New Impressions of Chrome OS

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Chrome OS Smartbooks Coming 2H2010

,----[ Quote ]
| They're reporting that Pegatron Technology 
| has received a "large volume" of smartbook 
| orders from several different clients. It's 
| believed these smartbooks will launch in Q1 
| 2010 on several different carriers. These 
| first smartbooks are expected to cost 
| around $200 USD. Most of them will sport a 
| Linux OS, due primarily to their tiny 
| display size. Now, here's where things get 
| interesting;
| "Google Chrome OS-based smartbooks are 
| expected to be available on a large scale 
| in the second half of 2010, Shu added."


Having complained about Google Checkout...

,----[ Quote ]
| ... because of its opaqueness in certain 
| circumstances (and more to say when next I am 
| at a computer), let me mention a different 
| Google project notable for its 
| transparency. That is the "Chromium OS" -- 
| a new operating system optimized for 
| "netbooks," which was announced yesterday 
| as an open-source development project. 
| Google has made the source code available 
| free, along with some design documents and 
| results of early user testing. First video 
| below is the hour-plus announcement 
| session. At the bottom is a three-minute 
| product intro.


Five Reasons Google Chrome OS will Succeed

,----[ Quote ]
| How do you measure success, anyway? Tony 
| argues that the Chrome Web browser hasn't 
| caught fire, but that doesn't mean it isn't 
| loved by the people who use it (myself 
| included). I'm particularly interested to 
| see if the operating system winds up in 
| smartbooks, which are ultramobile PCs 
| running on Arm-based chips. If that 
| category takes off, Chrome OS could get a 
| spot on the ground floor. Besides, Google 
| said Chrome OS is intended, at present, for 
| secondary machines. Even if people don't 
| flock to it (and they won't), that doesn't 
| make the operating system a failure.


Chrome OS: There Will Be Local Storage



Liveblog: Google Chrome operating system arrives


Ubuntu's Canonical and Google partner to create Chrome

,----[ Quote ]
| Sources at Canonical tell me that
| Canonical's Ubuntu developers have been
| working with Google's Chrome team since
| before Google announced its netbook
| operating system plan in July 2009. The
| company decided to go public with its
| involvement after Google announced today
| that they were open-sourcing the Chrome
| operating system.


Google Chrome OS and Canonical

,----[ Quote ]
| Congratulations to Google on the open
| sourcing of Google Chrome OS
| When Chrome OS was announced in June we saw
| this as a positive development, bringing
| choice to the consumer. We considered how
| open source development is as much about
| co-operation as it is about competition.
| Google have made it clear that they are
| keen to develop Chrome OS openly and we
| have had the pleasure of hosting a number
| of the Google team at the Ubuntu Developer
| Summit in Dallas over the last few days
| where we have been able to see that
| openness in action.


Ubuntu in truffle shuffle with Chrome OS


Google Chrome OS: Should Ubuntu and Canonical Worry?

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in July 2009, my initial blog entry
| about Google Chrome OS suggested that
| Google may wind up stealing Ubuntuâs
| thunder in selected market niches. Fellow
| WorksWithU Blogger Christopher Tozzi took
| the opposite stance, insisting that Google
| Chrome OS will help Ubuntu. But by August,
| I had changed my stance a bit telling
| readers that Google was both a rival and a
| friend to Ubuntu. I stand by that
| statement.


Google shows Chrome OS, promises 2010 launch

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has unveiled its Chrome OS. In a
| webcast launch at the company's California
| headquarters on Thursday, Sundar Pichai,
| vice president of product management, said
| the Linux-based operating system was fully
| open, ran applications only in its browser
| and stored all data in the cloud.


Google Chrome OS â Built on Linux!

,----[ Quote ]
| Lets remember what Mr Ballmer CEO of
| Microsoft had to say about Google
| (allegedly)
|     Googleâs not a real company. Itâs a
|     house of cards.
| Source: Techcrunch
| Try not to be too hard on him though.  His
| âteacherâ (IMO) Bill Gates said in the
| 90âs:
|     The Internet? We are not interested in
|     it
| and another alleged comment that Bill Gates
| made (which may ring some bells with
| Windows users)
|     If you canât make it good, at least make it look good.


6 Killer Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Addicts


Google Chrome operating system's first appearance scheduled

,----[ Quote ]
| While Google is remaining mum about all the
| details, I've learned that they will be
| demonstrating the new Linux-based Chrome
| desktop operating system on Thursday,
| November 19th.


Google open sources flash-happy Chrome OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, via webcast from its Mountain View
| headquarters, Google VP of product
| management Sundar Pichai and Engineering
| Director Matthew Papakipos unveiled an
| early version of Chrome OS, the much-
| discussed browser-based operating system
| the company first announced this past
| summer. This initial build has been open-
| sourced as the Chromium OS, with Pichai
| saying that outside developers will be able
| to work hand-in-hand with internal Google
| coders on the same code tree.


Releasing the Chromium OS open source project

,----[ Quote ]
| Today we are open-sourcing the project as
| Chromium OS. We are doing this early, a
| year before Google Chrome OS will be ready
| for users, because we are eager to engage
| with partners, the open source community
| and developers. As with the Google Chrome
| browser, development will be done in the
| open from this point on. This means the
| code is free, accessible to anyone and open
| for contributions. The Chromium OS project
| includes our current code base, user
| interface experiments and some initial
| designs for ongoing development. This is
| the initial sketch and we will color it in
| over the course of the next year.


Google Chrome OS Source Code Now Available For Download


5 Expectations for Google's Chrome OS Event

,----[ Quote ]
| Google will finally take the wrapper off
| its highly-anticipated Chrome operating
| system during a presentation at Google HQ
| on Thursday. The event will include a
| complete overview of the product featuring
| a Chrome OS demonstration and Q&A session.
| Sundar Pichai, Google's vice president of
| product management and Matthew Papakipos,
| Google engineering director for Google
| Chrome OS, will speak at the event,
| according to TechCrunch.


Google Chrome OS: What to look for this week


Real Chrome OS developer preview screenshot


Chromium OS




Google Chrome First Official Screenshots


Chrome OS: Some Early Preview Videos

,----[ Quote ]
| While the software does not currently
| appear to be in an easily installable
| state, requiring developers to build their
| own Chrome OS environments for the time
| being, the OS does look quite promising and
| Googleâs âStatelessâ objective where all
| user data resides in the cloud reflects an
| extremely modern concept in OS design.


7 Google Chrome Extensions You Must Have

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Chrome Extensions are here and
| really doing great. If you are thinking
| about what is Google Chrome extension and
| how to install then (eligibility), then
| read our coverage on Google Chrome
| Extension launch. There are loads of
| extensions released by different parties
| but here we are going to take 7 extensions
| which you should install on your google
| chrome to make your life much easier.


ChromeOS with Ubuntu Karmic base? â Leaked Sources.List

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