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[News] Patents Cannot be Plagiarised

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Common Misconceptions about Plagiarism and Patents: A Call for an Independent Inventor Defense

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that we know who are the people opposed to 
| an international treaty to facilitate access 
| and sharing of accessible formats of works for 
| blind people and people with reading 
| disabilities, letâs read what their arguments 
| against the treaty are.


p2pnet: for sale

,----[ Quote ]
| A patron who believed p2pnet was worth 
| keeping online stepped forward at the last 
| minute and has been paying most of the bills 
| ever since. Unfortunately for us both, 
| however, heâs now struggling to keep his own 
| businesss going and has had to stop.



Fresh air at WIPO, but old habits die hard

,----[ Quote ]
| The result of all this was that despite excellent high-level speakers from
| international organisations, the conference ended up mainly representing the
| positions of those who have long been in control at WIPO: Governments of the
| US, the EU and Japan, along with large industrial rightsholders. There were
| hardly any industry stakeholders from developing countries, and no public
| interest NGOs represented among the speakers.
| By not including the broader picture, WIPO has missed out on the best
| opportunity in years to demonstrate that it wants to play a productive role
| in helping humanity to manage its knowledge wisely. There clearly are good
| intentions in the organisation. Now WIPO only needs to act on them.


Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge: Can the New WIPO Mandate Deliver on Biopiracy?

,----[ Quote ]
| On 1 October 2009, the last day of the 47th Series
| of Meetings of the World Intellectual Property
| Organization (WIPO) General Assemblies, a new
| mandate for its Intergovernmental Committee on
| Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and
| Folklore (commonly known as âthe IGCâ) was agreed by
| the Member States. The last minute agreement,
| following a year of wrangling, was hailed by many as
| a major breakthrough (see IP-Watch story),
| particularly for the African Group. WIPOâs Director
| General called it âa real step forwardâ. The African
| Group, with the support of many developing
| countries, had insisted on a mandate that would
| deliver a âbindingâ treaty on these issues in two
| years time.
| As the dust settles the question that arises is
| whether this new mandate will, in reality, be able
| to deliver. This question is particularly pertinent
| when looking at the debate around the âbiopiracyâ
| problem which was the primary driving force behind
| the creation of the IGC nine years ago.

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