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[News] In the US, Only the Rich Allowed to Follow Court Rulings

  • Subject: [News] In the US, Only the Rich Allowed to Follow Court Rulings
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 23:27:43 +0000
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PACER Online Satisfaction Survey


Panel to Focus on Bilski Oral Argument - Updated

,----[ Quote ]
| A webcast of the panel discussion will be 
| available for a registration fee of $15 
| (government/academic/retired FCBA member), 
| $35 (government/academic/retired nonmember), 
| $65 (private practitioner FCBA member), or 
| $105 (private practitioner nonmember).  
| Instructions for accessing the webcast can 
| be found here.  Those interested in 
| obtaining group pricing and university law 
| schools interested in free internet 
| participation should contact Elisabeth Reed 
| at reed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


CM/ECF Filer or PACER Login

,----[ Quote ]
| NOTICE (8/22/09):The court would like to 
| make CM/ECF filers aware of certian security 
| conce rns relating to a software application 
| called RECAP, which was designed by a group 
| from Princeton University to enable th e 
| sharing of court documents on the Internet. 
| Once a user loads RECAP, documents that 
| he/she subsequently accesses via PA CER are 
| automatically sent to a public Internet 
| repository. Other RECAP/PACER users are then 
| able to see whether document s are available 
| from the Internet repository. RECAP captures 
| District and Bankruptcy Court doucments, but 
| has not yet inc orporated Appellate Court 
| functionality. At this time, RECAP does not 
| appear to provide users with access to 
| restricted o r sealed documents. Please be 
| aware that RECAP is "open-source" software, 
| which can be freely obtained by anyone with 
| Int ernet access and modified for benign or 
| malicious purposes, such as facilitating 
| unauthorized access to restricted or sea led 
| documents. Accordingly, CM/ECF filers are 
| reminded to be diligent about their computer 
| security practices to ensure t hat documents 
| are not inadvertently shared or compromised. 
| The court and the Administrative Office of 
| the U.S. Courts wil l continue to analyze 
| the implications of RECAP or related-
| software and advise you of any ongoing or 
| further concerns.


Only people with money can follow In Re Bilski.

Patent on Tax Refund System Deemed Invalid under Section 101

,----[ Quote ]
| E.D. Texas Magistrate Judge Love has 
| recommended that H&R Block's advance-tax-
| refund patents be held invalid for failing 
| to claim patentable subject matter under 
| Bilski. The claims in question are all 
| directed toward either a "computerized 
| system" or "computer-implemented method." 
| Quoting Nuijten, the court first held that 
| Bilski controls both system and method 
| claims â since a "court should not be 
| 'overly concerned with pigeonholing subject 
| matter once the court assures itself that 
| some category has been satisfied.'"
| The claimed invention involves issuing a 
| cash-advance to income tax filers and then 
| retaining a right to receive payment from 
| the government. 



Bilski CLE Options

,----[ Quote ]
| On Monday, November 9, 2009, the Supreme
| Court will hear oral argument in In re
| Bilski, and two CLE providers plan to offer
| same day or next day coverage of the
| proceedings.

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