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[News] Fingers Pointing at FranÃois Fillon and Other Conspirators in Microsoft's OOXML Corruptions

  • Subject: [News] Fingers Pointing at FranÃois Fillon and Other Conspirators in Microsoft's OOXML Corruptions
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 23:45:20 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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RGI : FranÃois Fillon's gift to Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The decree validating the General 
| Interoperability Framework was published in 
| the French "Journal Officiel" on the 11th of 
| November 2009. It ratifies the 12th of May 
| 2009 version which spreads confusion by 
| recommending two rival standards for office 
| documents. April had already denounced a 
| writing opposed to the goals of 
| interoperability and accessibility of e-
| administration for all citizens.
| "RGI as it is written maintains the 
| confusion about office documents standards. 
| It hands public administrations over to 
| Microsoft's deceptions and dooms their data 
| to be kept locked in proprietary formats" 
| explained public affairs manager Alix 
| Cazenave. "Far from promoting 
| interoperability this duplicity will 
| generate discrimination between citizens for 
| the access to electronic administrations."
| In April's opinion, this record confirms 
| that the French executive authority hardly 
| pays attention to competition in the 
| software market. "After the intervention of 
| the President's people in favor of 
| Microsoft's OOXML standardization, the fact 
| that the Prime Minister ratifies this order 
| confirms the support of the French executive 
| authority to Microsoft's dominant position. 
| We have just missed a historical opportunity 
| to support openness and innovation in the 
| software market" denounced FrÃdÃric Couchet, 
| executive director.


Abaixo assinado de alunos pede a inclusÃo do ODF no TCC e na publicaÃÃo de periÃdicos


EU: European ede-a-inclusao-do-odf-no-tcc-


Ekspert: ÂMicrosoft lyverÂ


Ekspert: Microsoft lyver!


Asking the right questions about Office 2010's OOXML support

,----[ Quote ]
| There is more OOXML controversy in the news, 
| this time in Denmark. I don't claim to 
| understand all the nuances of the 
| accusations, since I don't read Danish, and 
| Google Translates makes it sound at times 
| like a discussion about loaves of rye bread 
| or something, but the gist of it, as I can 
| surmise from this account, is whether Office 
| 2010 will "support the complete ISO-approved 
| version of OOXML". Microsoft's spokesperson 
| says it will. Mogens KÃhn Pedersen, chair of 
| the Danish Standards Committee, says it will 
| not.
| [...]
| The problem you run into here is that there 
| are really two different OOXML standards: 
| the new and improved OOXML Strict 
| conformance class, the one that was "sold" 
| to ISO NBs, the one that garnered the 
| approval votes, and then the old ugly one, 
| the "haunted" specification, the 
| Transitional conformance class, supported 
| only by Microsoft Office. Anyone considering 
| adopting OOXML should have perfect clarity 
| as to which one they are adopting, 
| especially since these are two very 
| different standards, both formally and 
| logically. Just as it is problematic to 
| speak about OOXML support in a product 
| without stating which conformance classes 
| and targets are supported, it is equally a 
| defect of any adoption policy to be loose in 
| what version of OOXML is being proposed for 
| adoption.
| IMHO, if you must state a requirement for 
| OOXML (along with ODF), at least specify it 
| clearly, and state a requirement for "strict 
| conformance" (meaning no extensions) of the 
| Strict conformance classes of ISO/IEC 
| 29500:2008. To do otherwise is to 
| essentially specify a requirement for the 
| use of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 
| alone.


Digital forkalkning udskyder ODF/OOXML-afgÃrelse


Digital forkalkning udskyder ODF/OOXML-afgÃrelse



File formats, methods, and computer program products for representing presentations


Microsoft Patents XML Word Processing Documents

,----[ Quote ]
| "Embrace. Extend. Patent. On Tuesday, Microsoft was granted U.S. Patent
| No.7,571,169 for its 'invention' of the Word-processing document stored in a
| single XML file that may be manipulated by applications that understand XML.
| Presumably developers are protected by Microsoft's 'covenant not to sue', so
| the biggest question raised by this patent is: How in the world was it
| granted in light of the 40-year history of document markup languages? Next
| thing you know, the USPTO will give Microsoft a patent for Providing
| Emergency Data in XML format. Oops, too late."

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