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Nielsen and CareerBuilder Data Tainted by Microsoft Influence

  • Subject: Nielsen and CareerBuilder Data Tainted by Microsoft Influence
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 00:10:41 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Microsoft, Nielsen Track Xbox Live Ads

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft can now add some credibility to that claim. 
| On Thursday, the company announced a partnership with 
| Nielsen that brings TV ratings to Xbox Live's "1 vs. 
| 100" online trivia game show. 
| [...]
| Microsoft and Nielsen also plan to collect data across 
| the entire Xbox Live network. While this is not the 
| first time Nielsen has measured videogame metrics, it 
| is the first time it will measure content across a game 
| console network--Xbox Live--and be able to get very 
| "granular" information, says Gerardo Guzman, director 
| of Nielsen Games.
| [...]
| This latest partnership with Nielsen gives a boost to 
| Microsoft's aspirations to be more than just a platform 
| for traditional videogames. 


Morale is low, say quarter of U.S. employers in poll

,----[ Quote ]
| Among workers, two out of five had trouble staying 
| motivated at work in the last year and a quarter do not 
| feel loyal to their employer, according to the survey 
| of employers and workers for CareerBuilder.com, an 
| online jobs site.
| [...]
| CareerBuilder is owned by Gannett Co. Inc, the Tribune 
| Co., The McClatchy Co. and Microsoft Corp.


Yet more 'data' firms that Microsoft is corrupting with cash, possibly
for favourable results that measure things on Microsoft's terms. One of
those firms lies about the market share of Linux while getting money
from Microsoft, a customer, former employer of the manager.


The Truth About Mac OS X User Stats

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, of course, one can discuss Net Applications' methodology endlessly and
| question the credibility of any organization that has to revise its figures
| by as much as 50 percent. But that's all rather missing the important point.
| The point is that America's purchasing patterns aren't necessarily the same
| as the rest of the world's.


Net Applications: Apple just lost half its âmarket shareâ

,----[ Quote ]
| The so-called market share reports issued every month by Net Applications
| have long been controversial â mostly because they didnât actually measure
| market share (which business people typically express as the number of
| widgets they sell in a given period divided by the total number of widgets
| sold).
| What Net Applications did instead was sample data from browsers visiting
| their clientsâ websites and report what percentage came from machines running
| Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.


1% Linux Market Share = 100% Dishonesty

,----[ Quote ]
| Why do we wacky religious Linux zealot hippies get so mad? Just because the
| bulk of tech news reporting is so inaccurate and lazy? Why should anyone get
| upset at untrustworthy news reporting? (Don't make me insert sarcasm tags.)
| It doesn't much matter if they're slaves of Sauron or incompetent, because
| the results look the same. Cry me a river over the "death of journalism", if
| it can't be bothered to even try for honesty it deserves to die.


How many desktop Linux users?

,----[ Quote ]
| Web site surveys are all well and good, but they only tell part of the story.
| And, as the numbers I cite above shows, Web site numbers show an enormous
| range. Some of that may represent bias. The Boycott Novell Web site, for
| example, recently proclaims that Net Applications' operating system numbers
| are a "Big Lie" and pointed out that Microsoft was one of Net Applications'
| biggest customers. My own site focuses a lot on Linux, so it's no surprise
| that I have a high percentage of Linux-using visitors.


Linux at 1 percent?! Ha! It's more like 45 percent

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking into the future just a little, it's easy to see how the Linux desktop
| number will shift dramatically between now and 2011.
| Here are two reasons:
| 1) Fast boot silicon.
|     Many notebook vendors and motherboard makers in general, are now
|     including fast boot options which typically are Linux operating systems
|     with browser capabilities. These systems are not just netbooks but high
|     end desktop boards as well.
|     Certainly, I would expect that many of these fast boot machines will end
|     up being dual boot machines, but they will increase desktop Linux
|     penetration significantly. In fact if the fast boot silicon becomes a
|     default feature (and it sure is looking that way), Linux quite literally
|     will be embedded - not installed - on nearly every new computer system
|     motherboard.


Linux Desktop Market Share: Greater Than One Percent?

,----[ Quote ]
| Without NetApplications's raw data, its sources of bias are impossible to
| discover. However, I would guess that GNU/Linux users would be more likely to
| choose free software website applications than NetApplications's, or perhaps
| a free online service such as Google Analytics.
| In addition, NetApplications is an American company, and its website lists no
| overseas office. For these reasons, I would assume that its figures are drawn
| largely from the United States and perhaps Canada, and less so from the rest
| of the world.
| Given that the United States was only ranked ninth in open source activity in
| the Open Source Index recently published by Red Hat and Georgia Tech (and
| Canada twenty-eighth), such a bias would seriously question the general
| applicability of the NetApplications figures.


Why is Net Applications (Hitslink) changing its browser stats after publishing

,----[ Quote ]
| I was curious to see how the uptake of Google's Chrome browser would be,
| considering that they were promoting it on their front page. I looked it up
| on a special page set up by Net Applications to track Chrome usage before I
| left for work. It seemed to do pretty well, as it climbed above 1%, passing
| Opera's alleged market share. Not really surprising considering the massive
| media coverage it was getting.
| When I got back later and reloaded the page, I noticed that it had gone down
| to 0.5% or so the last few hours. I still left the page open, and returned a
| little later. To my surprise, the page was no longer showing the same numbers
| for the same time. It's as if it had never shown 0.5%.



Net Applications: "Our Partners/Clients include Microsoft, Apple, Amazon/Alexa,
Opera and ExactTarget. And, we're looking to grow that base as well as enhance
our contact and communications with our existing base."
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


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