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[News] More Early Reviews of Google's Chromium OS (Linux)

  • Subject: [News] More Early Reviews of Google's Chromium OS (Linux)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 15:16:56 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Chromium OS - Digging deeper into the open source Chrome OS

,----[ Quote ]
| With the arrival of the first code of Chrome 
| OS, also known as Chromium OS in its open 
| source form, the H takes a deeper look at the 
| browser-centric operating system.


Chrome OS packaged for virtual run-throughs

,----[ Quote ]
| Hackers have compiled bootable images of the 
| code released by Google's Chrome OS project. 
| We tested out one of the images on VirtualBox, 
| and despite the limitations of the early code, 
| we found a flexible, extensible web browsing 
| environment that runs well in as little as 
| 256MB of RAM.



Google to anoint Android, Chrome OS love (eventually)

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has confessed that its Chrome OS and
| Android projects are likely to come
| together at some stage down the line as the
| firm continues to tinker with its operating
| system vision of the future.


Chrome OS Screenshots


A Chrome OS Video Tour

,----[ Quote ]
| Fresh off the Interwebs, hereâs a Tech
| Broiler video tour of the latest build of
| Chrome OS.


Chrome's mission: Making Windows obsolete

,----[ Quote ]
| Some people are already convinced that
| Google will fail with its Chrome operating
| system. Others think that Chrome can't
| possibly be a threat to Windows. Both
| groups are so, so wrong.
| First, for those who think that Chrome is
| simply a failure from the word "go", their
| reasoning is pathetically flawed. They
| argue that Chrome will fail because it's
| based on Linux. What century are these
| people from?


Chromium OS, Moblin, Ubuntu Netbook Remix Benchmarks

,----[ Quote ]
| Next up is Google's much talked about
| Chromium OS, which is the open-source
| version of Chrome OS. With build
| 999.999.32609.201950-a1 of Chromium OS we
| had a 2.6.30 kernel (2.6.30-chromeos-intel-
| menlow), X Server 1.6.3, xf86-video-intel
| 2.8.0, GCC 4.4.1, and an EXT3 file-system
| by default. Chromium OS is currently based
| upon Ubuntu 9.10, but as you can see from
| some of the version numbers, it's only
| loosely based on Karmic -- with an entirely
| different kernel, not opting to use the
| EXT4 file-system, and many other underlying
| changes. Chromium OS is also running with
| the Chrome OS window manager. From our
| initial Chromium OS testing it had ran
| surprisingly well on the Samsung NC10 in
| our hardware configuration with the only
| major bug we have to report being the
| system not rebooting properly unless
| holding down the power button.


Top 5 Chrome OS myths debunked

,----[ Quote ]
| Misconceptions and misinformation have
| surrounded the Chrome OS almost since the
| day it was announced. This week's press
| conference at Google's Mountain View,
| Calif., campus helped to clear the air, but
| uncertainty about what the search giant's
| new OS has to offer still remains.
| The full picture of the Chrome OS will
| become clearer as time rolls on. For now,
| if you want to understand what the Chrome
| OS is, you first have to understand what it
| isn't.


Google Chrome OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Another fact about Chrome OS, is that it is
| a minimal system, designed for specific
| use. It is NOT a fully-fledged operating
| system with an accompanying software-suite.
| Rather, it is a GUI-system based on the
| Chromium-browser project that lets users be
| "always-logged-in" via various web-services
| (facebook, MSN, twitter, myspace, etc.) all
| in one, single UI.
| A great concept for those who only use
| computers for surfing, mail and the like.


Just Today: Download of VMware Image of Google Chrome OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has prepared its Chromium OS, alias
| Chromium, for download. Anyone hesitant to
| intall if from source code will find a
| functioning VMware image from Linux Magazine
| Online.

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