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[News] Novell VP Evangelises Monopoly Abuser

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The Future of Moonlight, II

,----[ Quote ]
| It seems like just yesterday that Miguel de | Icaza took such umbrage at being called a 
| Microsoft apologist. Strange then, that he 
| has now taken up the robes of a Microsoft 
| evangelist, suggesting that it is at-long-
| last finally time to âstart a movement to 
| create a suite of Silverlight-based desktop 
| applicationsâ
| As I pointed out earlier, Mr. de Icaza has 
| abandonded even the pretense of promoting 
| an Open Source development platform and 
| seems perfectly content to promote 
| Microsoft Silverlight as the new desktop 
| ârevolutionâ.
| [...]
| Letâs not dwell on the foolish and 
| transparent attempt to deflect valid 
| criticism as hate, but instead letâs look 
| closer at his specific defense. Mr. de 
| Icaza says he brought up  about 
| MonoTorrent, a GTK#-based application, but 
| he also says he wants Silverlight to 
| replace GTK#, and that he simply wants to 
| re-implement MonoTorrent in Silverlight.
| Thatâs a major problem with Mr. de Icaza. 
| He doesnât just want to build on top of 
| what exists, he wants to replace what 
| exists; replace with closed-source, 
| proprietary, non-standard technology!


de Icaza drools

,----[ Quote ]
| So there you have it, folks. Mr. de Icaza 
| speaks for Team Mono in direct support of 
| the Microsoft Silverlight âRevolutionâ â 
| encouraging development with Closed Source, 
| Proprietary Software. People have been 
| constantly raising flags that Novell / Mr. 
| de Icaza / Team Mono have lost sight of 
| Free Software as they grow ever closer to 
| Microsoft, and this is a startlingly black 
| mark proving warnings come true.


Let's follow this gentleman's lead. Together with Microsoft we, the FOSS
community, can defeat "Evil Evil Google".


The Future of Moonlight

,----[ Quote ]
| Miguel de Icaza has spoken on The Future of
| Moonlight, and it is revealing.
|     We could use Silverlight to build the
|     next wave of cross-platform desktop
|     applications.
| Really? We can use closed-source
| Silverlight to build cross-platform desktop
| applications? Iâve often said that a
| significant side effect of all the Team
| Mono propaganda is promoting Microsoft, and
| statements like this are exactly what I
| mean.
| Here we have a clear endorsement for a
| closed-source, proprietary Microsoft
| technology with whom only Novell has any
| sort of âcovenantâ as the future for cross-
| platform development. In what FLOSS circles
| is that an acceptable proposal?
| [...]
| This also touches on the point I make that
| Team Mono / Moonlight is making no great
| strides for Linux. They spend a ton of
| effort on iPhone, Unity engine, and now PS3
| and Wii? You might recall a long-winded
| apologetic where the argument on how
| beneficial Mono would be to Linux was the
| major selling point. Somewhere along the
| line that whole argument got shifted to how
| beneficial Mono would be to .NET
| developers.


Miguel de Icaza: "We could refresh the look and feel of the entire desktop with

,----[ Quote ]
| de Icaza: This is a new group inside of Novell. Basically my team grew from
| about 30 to 40 people over the last year and a half. Most of the hires went
| to Moonlight, so now with 15 people working on Moonlight, the biggest part
| are new hires.
| [...]
| derStandard.at: You talked about re-using Silverlight / Moonlight for the
| desktop, is there already some concrete work happening, or are those still
| just ideas for the future?
| de Icaza: We are actually doing that right now, we have a couple of projects.
| Lunar Eclipse is our Silverlight designer for Linux and that is actually
| built entirely as a desktop Silverlight application. The idea is to have both
| a desktop and a web version. We also built Moonlight desklets, which is like
| Apples Dashboard.
| I am also trying to convince people that we need to redo certain desktop
| components using Moonlight because we could get a flashier, nicer user
| interface with the designers actually prototyping this interface in Inkscape
| or blender.

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