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[News] Eclipse 4 Gets Exceptionally Good

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Eclipse 4 goes a mile further

,----[ Quote ]
| A graphical user interface (GUI) generated 
| via an XML dialect, a concept already 
| previously demonstrated by Mozilla years 
| ago, is to become part of the next version 
| of the free Eclipse development 
| environment. Casually called "e4", the 
| second milestone of the fourth version of 
| Eclipse, has just been released.


Crossroads in FOSS Projects: Some Business Considerations

,----[ Quote ]
| At our Seminar last month, Managing FOSS 
| to Lower Costs and Achieve Business 
| Results, several participants asked about 
| the dynamics of FOSS (Free and Open Source 
| Software) projects that reach a crossroads 
| (a failure, a merger, loss of key 
| personnel, etc). I had not expected that 
| concern because with commercial software, 
| it seems to me, the problem is more 
| severe. When you have the source code and 
| the right to modify and redistribute it, 
| the source gives many more options (and 
| its freedoms provide many more 
| protections) than when commercial software 
| goes bankrupt or gets bought by a 
| competitor for instance.



Google Chrome Developer Tools for Eclipse Users

,----[ Quote ]
| The project is fully open sourced on a BSD-license and consists of two
| components, an SDK and a debugger. The SDK provides a Java API that enables
| communication with Google Chrome over TCP/IP. The debugger is an Eclipse
| plugin that uses the SDK and enables you to debug JavaScript running in
| Google Chrome from the Eclipse IDE.

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