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[News] Gentoo Foundation Opens to Voting

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Yes-No Vote on behalf of the Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| The trustees anticipate that more approaches of 
| this nature will be received and view it as a sign 
| of Gentoo maturing. Recognising that this would be 
| a break with tradition, by allowing even major 
| users to contribute to Gentoo in this way the 
| trustees determined to put the question to a vote 
| of Foundation members. 


Days ago:

linux love, gentoo love!

,----[ Quote ]
| actually the new portage kde 4.3.3 seems to be
| very stable (read usable) for me. the
| proprietary graphics driver nvidia.ko is
| doing great! i use suspend2ram about 10 times a
| day. i leave the pc in suspend2ram for days
| and it only needs 3W of power! suspend2ram
| needs 2-3 secs for going down and about 7
| secs to come back up! plasma is now at a
| point that i see it is going to be useful.
| the expose clone of the kde folks is very
| very nice to use. dragon player seems to
| get stable so i can use it with the smb://
| kio plugin to watch films from my server.
| firefox64 selfcompiled now uses a 64bit
| flash plugin.

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