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[News] New VPN Router Built on Linux

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Korenix Launches JetBox9432-w Embedded Linux VPN Router Computer with Serial Ports for Enhanced Industrial Networking

,----[ Quote ]
| Korenix extends the JetBox 9400 series of 
| intelligent layer3 VPN router computers by 
| releasing the new JetBox 9432-w embedded 
| Linux Ready VPN system designed with serial 
| interfaces to deliver maximum flexibility 
| to IPC providers. In addition to 4 LAN, 1 
| WAN, 3 USB, 8DIO and serial console ports, 
| JetBox 9432-w is equipped with 4 additional 
| RS232/422/485 ports allowing users to 
| connect to the access and security control 
| devices, such as card readers, cameras, 
| speakers etc. and to remotely manage them 
| through Ethernet in flexible ways.
| Combined with IP-31 rugged fan-less design,
| including vibration/shock resistance and 
| -40~80â wide operating temperature, JetBox 
| 9432-w ensures the reliability and high 
| performance of large network 
| infrastructures in severe industrial 
| environments.



Review: Linksys WRT160NL Linux Powered Wireless-N Router

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall I would recommend this router.  The storage and
| media server features are great, especially at the
| price.  The throughput is a little lower than I
| expected, but more than acceptable for most uses.  This
| combined with the Linksys interface, options, and
| support make it a great choice for someone looking for a
| reasonably priced draft Wireless-N router.  If Linksys
| can produce a firmware update that will improve the
| throughput inconsistency, we'll have a real winner on
| our hands.  The Linux firmware?  Well that's just the
| icing on the cake.


Cisco Pursues Small Business With Linux Routers

,----[ Quote ]
| At the heart of many Cisco enterprise routers is the IOS
| operating system that it developer. When it comes to small
| business, however, Cisco isn't pushing IOS -- instead, it's new
| small business router is powered by Linux.
| Cisco today announced a new set of small business networking
| products including the SA 500-series security appliances,
| designed to provide unified threat management (UTM)
| capabilities. The SA 500-series routers provide the usual UTM
| combination of features including firewall, VPN, antispam, URL
| filtering and antivirus capabilities.


Cisco Systems: Falling for Red Hat?

,----[ Quote ]
| Still, Cisco has signed on as a visionary sponsor for Red Hat Summit. And
| Mark Fulgham, VP of Ciscoâs Data Center Emerging Technologies Central
| Marketing Organization, will give a keynote at the event.

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