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[News] Abuse of Web Rights and Other Attacks Noted

  • Subject: [News] Abuse of Web Rights and Other Attacks Noted
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 19:04:35 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Liberty: disconnection is disproportionate and indiscriminate, bill âruns wholly
 counter to a human rights compliant approachâ

,----[ Quote ]
| Liberty are condemning the Digital Economy 
| Billâs file sharing measures on human 
| rights grounds, saying it âruns wholly 
| counter to a human rights compliant 
| approachâ. While, like ORG, they believe 
| copyright should be respected, they point 
| out that the measures proposed cannot be 
| applied easily without innocent people 
| being affected, and point out that 
| disconnection is intrusive and 
| disproportionate.


In the thick of it: how the Digital Economy bill is trying to 
kill open Wi-Fi networks

,----[ Quote ]
| A lot of people have talked to me over the 
| last week about Wi-Fi (open and closed, 
| i.e. password-protected) and the Digital 
| Economy bill. The more I try to find 
| answers, the more ludicrous it becomes. For 
| instance, last week it turned out that a 
| pub owner was allegedly fined Â8,000 
| because someone downloaded copyright 
| material over their open Wi-Fi system. 
| Would that get worse or better if the 
| Digital Economy bill passes in its present 
| form?


Fund Raising

,----[ Quote ]
| So it seems I have a new beast to fight in 
| the form of Virgin Media and Detica wanting 
| to deploy Deep Packet Inspection for the 
| purpose of spying on their customers for 
| the Music Industry.
| This particular fight is going to make 
| Phorm seem like a walk in the park, because 
| this time we are fighting Peter Mandelsonâs 
| Section 17 of the Digital Economy Bill 
| which looks like it is going to possibly 
| make legislative changes requiring this 
| type of technology to fulfill Mandelsonâs 3 
| Strikes mandate.  Furthermore, Virgin Media 
| are about to launch a music service and it 
| would be folly not to believe that 
| Universal have told Virgin Media they need 
| to tackle copyright infringement on their 
| network in order to keep their license for 
| their music service.


Fraud alert: Tens of thousands of anti-piracy settlements potentially illegal

,----[ Quote ]
| Having forced tens of thousands of P2P 
| users to pay up for costly pre-settlement 
| notices, a number of European law offices 
| and and anti-piracy companies suddenly find 
| themselves on the other side of the gun: 
| The German scene news site gulli.com asked 
| local authorities to start criminal 
| investigations against a well-known anti-
| piracy law office, and even mainstream news 
| organizations like the Financial Times are 
| starting to take notice. The issue at heart 
| could not only derail current anti-piracy 
| campaigns, but potentially even lead to 
| disbarment of the lawyers involved with 
| these cases.


Rogers Unveils The ISP Dream Model - In house video, caps and overage fees for using it...

,----[ Quote ]
| Canadian cable operator Rogers has 
| constructed what's essentially the dream 
| business model for broadband executives. 
| They're launching a new broadband video 
| portal that's only available if you sign up 
| for Rogers wireless, TV or broadband 
| service -- avoiding a stand-alone service 
| in order to keep users from canceling 
| regular cable. Rogers has also imposed low 
| caps and high overages and the new service 
| counts against your monthly cap -- meaning 
| Rogers is keeping content revenue in house 
| while socking customers with per-gigabyte 
| overages -- up to $5.00 per gigabyte -- for 
| actually using an advertised service. 



Dear Mandy: complaining to Peter Mandelson through the power of song

,----[ Quote ]
| What's a good way to get politicians to
| listen to your point of view? Writing
| letters? Signing petitions? Inviting them
| over for dinner in your holiday villa in
| Greece?
| Or, if none of that works - for example, if
| you don't have a villa in Greece - you
| could try singing a song at them.
| That's the approach Dan Bull has taken,
| with a musical letter to Lord Mandelson
| politely suggesting that he might like to
| reconsider his proposals to cut off the
| internet of households if they are accused
| of filesharing.


Day 22: Film studios issue ultimatum to ISPs

,----[ Quote ]
| Internet service providers that shirked
| responsibilities to prevent copyright
| infringement on their networks should
| consider exiting the business, the Federal
| Court heard today.
| As the copyright case between the film
| industry and ISP iiNet approached its
| conclusion, the studio's barrister Tony
| Bannon SC suggested ISPs that did not want
| to deal with infringement notices should
| "get out of the business."


Pub 'fined Â8k' for Wi-Fi copyright infringement

,----[ Quote ]
| A pub owner has been fined Â8,000 because
| someone unlawfully downloaded copyrighted
| material over their open Wi-Fi hotspot,
| according to the managing director of
| hotspot provider The Cloud.


What the Queen didn't say

,----[ Quote ]
| The Queen's speech was notable not so much
| for the new announcements in it, but for
| the things it didn't include. Her Majesty
| did not say that her government would
| disconnect it's citizen's internet
| connections, or introduce a Â50,000 fine
| for infringing the copyright of a file that
| cost Â0.00 to reproduce, or that it would
| give harsher penalties for downloading a
| file for free than for buying the exact
| same information on a counterfeit disc.
| But don't be fooled. This isn't a sudden
| outbreak of common sense, all those ill-
| considered provisions are still there, but
| for some reason the government forgot to
| tell the public about them in the Queen's
| speech.


Protests grow over digital bill

,----[ Quote ]
| The Digital Economy bill has sparked a wave
| of protest among consumers and rights
| groups.
| Soon after the bill began its journey
| through Parliament on 19 November, many
| expressed worries about parts of it.

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