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Re: Mandriva 2010: some more good, bad and ugly

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____/ Richard Rasker on Friday 04 Dec 2009 09:14 : \____

> - One word: Amarok. I really, really hate what they've done to it -- and so
> do the users who use this application. I can't find the list with Shoutcast
> streams any more (but that's probably a matter of a bit of searching),
> there's no more frugal player window, and the whole layout has a rather
> messy appearance. And oh, when I opened some free music Internet playlist,
> it would stop playing after each track. Very annoying. OK, this isn't
> exactly Mandriva's fault, but it feels like a cold shower all the same.

I actually really like Amarok 2.x. I've used AmaroK since 2005 but only now
is it simple and _super_ stable (I think it crashed on me just once or maybe
twice in 3 months.... and it runs 24/7). Plasma has nice AmaroK integration

Maybe you'll get used to it.

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