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Re: [News] Nokia Improves Qt Significantly

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____/ Matt on Saturday 05 Dec 2009 01:08 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> ____/ Matt on Friday 04 Dec 2009 05:03 : \____
>>> Great bunch of articles for understanding commercial cross-platform
>>> strategies.
>> You have special interest in cross-platform. I think Peter is the same.
>> I suppose you know why KDE renamed its product...
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kde
> (((((
>> The name KDE was intended as a word play on the existing Common Desktop
>> Environment, available for Unix systems. CDE was an X11-based user
>> environment jointly developed by HP, IBM, and Sun, through the X/Open
>> Company, with an interface and productivity tools based on the Motif
>> graphical widget toolkit. It was supposed to be an intuitively easy-to-use
>> desktop computer environment.[6] The K was originally suggested to stand for
>> "Kool", but it was quickly decided that the K should stand for nothing in
>> particular. Additionally, one of the tips in certain versions of KDE 3
>> incorrectly states that the K currently is just meant to be the letter before
>> L in the Latin alphabet, the first letter in the word Linux (which is where
>> KDE is usually run).[7]. In 2009 it was decided that KDE should no longer be
>> an acronym at all, the decision comes after the ports to Windows and OS X and
>> popular applications such as Amarok which meant KDE was no longer just a
>> desktop.
> )))))

With Linux everything is an application. Even the desktop is "kdesktop" or "plasma-desktop"
or "kicker" and the login manager is kdm. This modularity is something that non-Free desktops are

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