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[News] Google Slaps Murdoch for His Lies

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Google tells Murdoch to shut up

,----[ Quote ]
| But Schmidt said Google is a "great source 
| of promotion" for newspapers through its 
| aggregator website Google News and other 
| services.


Research: News Paywalls Wonât Work Without Micropayments

,----[ Quote ]
| Putting up paywalls around online content 
| will not on its own transform the finances 
| of national newspapers, but a mixed 
| strategy of subscriptions and micropayments 
| could prove more successful, according to 
| research published today.


IP and Artificial Scarcity

,----[ Quote ]
| Someone recently told me "I just ran across 
| a few of your interviews and writings. I 
| was particularly impressed with the point 
| that IP creates scarcity where none existed 
| before. Despite its obviousness, it is 
| characteristic of IP that had not occurred 
| to me before."



Microsoft backs away from Murdoch love-in

,----[ Quote ]
| Or at least, Microsoft is not prepared to
| go exclusive with the hard-nosed Aussie and
| other media moguls. Not this week, anyway.
| Reports last week said that the two firms -
| who share a common interest in slapping
| Google - were working on a deal that would
| lead to News Corp's content only being
| available through Microsoft's Bing search
| engine. In exchange for some Microsoft
| cash, of course.


MS kills 'Bing buys the news' furore, but Google could still lose it

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has firmly ruled out the notion
| of paying news publishers to de-index their
| content from Google. But you knew that
| already. Speaking at the unveiling of new
| Bing features in San Francisco yesterday,
| senior online services VP Satya Nadella
| said that Microsoft was not focused on
| getting exclusive content, and that "there
| is no real intent here that is focused on
| getting a whole bunch of content that is
| de-indexed from Google".


Huffington: News Corp.'s Google-Free Ploy 'Ain't Gonna Happen'

,----[ Quote ]
| Count Arianna Huffington among those who
| doubt that Rupert Murdoch will pull News
| Corp's articles from Google's search index in
| favor of giving Bing exclusive access.
| "I'll gladly wager my share of The Huffington
| Post that this ain't gonna happen," she said
| this morning at the Federal Trade Commission
| workshop "How Will Journalism Survive the
| Internet Age."



Murdoch papers paid Â1m to gag phone-hacking victims

,----[ Quote ]
| Rupert Murdoch's News Group NewsÂpapers has paid out more than Â1m to settle
| legal cases that threatened to reveal evidence of his journalists' repeated
| involvement in the use of criminal methods to get stories.


Times Online denies knowledge of link spam campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| Piotr Wyspianski, a manager at Sitelynx, was revealed on the Waxy.org blog to
| have waged a one-man campaign to game web aggregation communities such as
| Digg, Metafilter and StumbleUpon with over a thousand links to Times Online
| stories. Before working for Sitelynx, he had form for a similar astroturfing
| effort for his own online jewellery store.
| Predictably, the Waxy.org story has hit the front page of Digg and some
| Diggers have piled in to condemn Times Online, blaming a conspiracy by the
| original Digger himself. "I haven't respected The Times since Murdoch bought
| it, since that effectively means I can no longer trust its content. Fuck you
| old man!" wrote one.


Hacker testifies News Corp unit hired him

,----[ Quote ]
| The trial could result in hundreds of millions of dollars in damage awards.
| NDS, which provides security technology to a global satellite network that
| includes satellite TV service DirecTV, denies the claims, saying it was only
| engaged in reverse engineering -- looking at a technology product to
| determine how it works, a standard in the electronics industry.

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