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[News] Database Debate Heats up, Oracle Rumoured to Let MySQL Go

  • Subject: [News] Database Debate Heats up, Oracle Rumoured to Let MySQL Go
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 06 Dec 2009 12:57:27 +0000
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Oracle leader blinks

,----[ Quote ]
| Oracle boss Larry Ellison is backing down 
| from his vow to fight European antitrust 
| regulators who oppose his company's $7 
| billion purchase of Sun Microsystems, 
| offering to quarantine a Sun unit at the 
| heart of the conflict, two sources told 
| The Post.
| According to the sources, Ellison is now 
| willing to create a separate entity within 
| a combined Oracle-Sun that houses Sun's 
| MySQL open database software business in 
| order to get the deal completed before a 
| hearing Thursday by the European 
| Commission. 


Oracle Denies Change In Stance On MySQL

,----[ Quote ]
| The database giant denies that it offered 
| to create a separate entity for MySQL once 
| the Sun acquisition is completed. 


EC Worries On Oracle-Sun Deal Said Based On Incorrect Facts 

,----[ Quote ]
| A U.S. expert has lent his support to the 
| planned merger between Oracle Corp. (ORCL) 
| and Sun Microsystems Inc. (JAVA), telling 
| the European Commission that concerns 
| about the deal are based on "factual 
| assertions made by others to the 
| Commission which are demonstrably 
| incorrect."



,----[ Quote ]
| The Oracle and MySQL RDBMS are very 
| different products. This makes me happy. I 
| used to work on the Oracle RDBMS. It has a 
| lot of features that do amazing things. 
| Unfortunately, this also makes it 
| extremely hard to modify. MySQL doesn't 
| have as many features. This makes it 
| easier to modify. This also means there 
| are a lot of things to fix in it when you 
| care about high-performance and high-
| availability OLTP workloads.


451 Group survey highlights user concerns over Oracleâs proposed ownership of MySQL


Survey shows open source users split over MySQL

,----[ Quote ]
| MySQL use declining, PostgreSQL and 
| MariaDB use rising and no majority support 
| for any of the possible outcomes of the 
| current European Commission investigation 
| into Oracle's proposed acquisition of Sun 
| Microsystems; these are some of the 
| results of a survey, carried out by the 
| 451 Group, of open source users show which 
| shows they are split over the future of 
| MySQL.


SFLC says GPL issues should not block Oracle's acquisition of Sun

,----[ Quote ]
| Respected Free Software lawyer, Eben 
| Moglen and the SFLC (Software Freedom Law 
| Centre ) have sent a letter to the 
| European Commission saying that it 
| believes that the Commission has 
| "underestimated the robustness the GPL has 
| consistently demonstrated". The letter is 
| a response to the concerns expressed in 
| the Commission's Statement of Objections 
| that the GNU Public Licence was 
| insufficient protection against 
| competition issues raised by the 
| acquisition. The letter was sent, pro 
| bono, at the request of Oracle's counsel 
| and is to be incorporated into Oracle's 
| response at the hearing of objections, 
| scheduled to take place on December 10th.


Will Sun Pull MySQL's Teeth?


Maintaining MySQL Databases


Securing MySQL in Fedora


The Software Freedom Law Center Submits an Opinion on the Oracle/Sun Merger to the EC



Open-source culture at heart of Oracle deal

,----[ Quote ]
| But like most open-source companies, MySQLâs
| sales, tied to support deals, never matched
| the astronomical number of downloads for its
| product, about 60,000 a day. In January 2008,
| the founders decided to sell the company for
| $1 billion to Sun Microsystems. And this
| year, Sun agreed to sell itself to Oracle,
| which makes database software aimed at larger
| companies and tougher jobs, for $7.4 billion.


Oracle begs EC for more time

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Competition Commission is
| extending the deadline set for Oracle to
| provide evidence that its proposed takeover
| of Sun Microsystems will not damage
| competition for European consumers.

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