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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.0 Finally Here, as Alpha

  • Subject: [News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.0 Finally Here, as Alpha
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 18:55:20 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Main frozen for Lucid Alpha 1

,----[ Quote ]
| Lucid alpha 1 is due this Thursday, so the 
| soft freeze is now in effect for main. 
| Please be considerate with your uploads, 
| and watch for any release blocker bugs.


Phone Shops and Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Thoughts? How can we get people using 
| Ubuntu and calling it Ubuntu (not Linux, 
| because that brand is burnt/toxic) or if 
| your dealing with some other distro how 
| can we communicate that distro without 
| marketing deals and educational packs for 
| each of these companies?


Upgrading an Ubuntu server on the fly

,----[ Quote ]
| Can a Windows server do that?  A version 
| upgrade, in place, without taking down the 
| server, and with minimal offline time?  I 
| donât think so.  I never really 
| appreciated the convenience of being able 
| to continue to use a Linux system during 
| an upgrade until I needed to upgrade a 
| working server.  Itâs nice.



New Application Stack in Ubuntu 10.04

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu 10.04, which will appear next April
| 2010 as Canonicalâs long-anticipated third
| LTS (Long Term Support) release, will
| feature substantial changes in the lineup
| of applications installed by default.
| Hereâs a look at the biggest ones, with
| some thoughts.
| Judging by the controversy over the
| replacement of Pidgin with Empathy, many
| Ubuntu users do not take kindly to
| decisions to modify the application stack
| in a default installation.  Even when the
| change arguably does not compromise
| important features and despite the fact
| that 35,000 applications are always just
| an âapt-get installâ awayâfor those who
| have the bandwidth, at leastâchange tends
| to spawn a lot of ire.


Ubuntu 10.04 May Backport Newer Kernels

,----[ Quote ]
| By the time Ubuntu 10.04 rolls around in
| April, the Linux 2.6.33 kernel will have
| been released and the Linux 2.6.34 kernel
| will be in development, but the Ubuntu
| developers have decided to stick it out
| with the 2.6.32 kernel for a maximum
| stabilization period, especially since
| this is a Long-Term Support release.


Light Weight Ubuntu Kernel

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the biggest aspects of Gentoo is
| that you compile your own kernel. This was
| the most painful parts for me until I
| finally got the hang of it. The default
| Gentoo kernel is minimal and requires you
| to enable some extra features before
| compiling.


How The X Stack In Ubuntu 10.04 LTS May Look

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical's Ubuntu Developer Summit for
| Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (codenamed Lucid Lynx) is
| taking place this week in Texas, but
| happening right now on the Ubuntu-X mailing
| list is a discussion about what the X.Org
| plans are for Ubuntu Lucid.

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