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[News] 9-Digit Userbase for OpenOffice.org, Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 Has Features Outlook Still Lacks

  • Subject: [News] 9-Digit Userbase for OpenOffice.org, Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 Has Features Outlook Still Lacks
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 18:06:35 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Open Officeâs market share in my circle of influence

,----[ Quote ]
| It is a difficult problem but I will not 
| give up. I will continue to pass out copies 
| of The OpenDisc to Windows users without 
| ever knowing if people will throw the disks 
| in the trash. There is a possibility that 
| people think I am trying to give them a 
| virus because I do not use professionally 
| pressed media. That is under consideration 
| although it would be time consuming and 
| expensive. I am als considering switching to 
| DVD-RW as well, that way the new owner of 
| the OpenDisc may choose to keep it since it 
| has a little more value. Ideally, I would 
| like to find a bunch of other folks who will 
| also help distribute the OpenDisc upon 
| professionaly pressed media.


Thunderbird 3 Officially Released with New Features, Improved Look

,----[ Quote ]
| Thunderbird 3.0 comes packed with fantastic 
| new features, including a new tabbed 
| interface à la Firefox and other web 
| browsers, a beautiful and powerful new 
| search and filtering tool that lets you 
| pinpoint any email, and a totally 
| streamlined email setup tool that'll get 
| your Gmail or other accounts up and running 
| with Thunderbird in a jiffy.


Mozilla lets Thunderbird 3 fly

,----[ Quote ]
| One feature that isn't included is the 
| calendaring add-on, Lightning. Originally, 
| Mozilla had planned to bake the extension 
| into the program, but decided back in 
| February 2009 to change course and leave it 
| up to users to download. Although 
| Thunderbird natively comes with Microsoft 
| Exchange support, there's no calendar and 
| therefore no meeting support in the default 
| Thunderbird installation. Along with 
| Lightning, there's an essential Google 
| Calendar add-on for Lightning that gives 
| Google users calendar support in Lightning. 


Mozilla Thunderbird 3 Features 

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla has announced the availability of 
| version 3 of its popular open source 
| Thunderbird email and news client for 
| Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The long-
| awaited major release is based on the Gecko 
| platform, including some major re-
| architecting to provide improved 
| performance, stability, web compatibility, 
| and code simplification and sustainability.


Review: Thunderbird 3 takes flight with tabs, enhanced search

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla Messaging has announced the official 
| release of Thunderbird 3. Ars takes a hands-
| on look at the improvements in the new 
| versionâincluding tabbed messaging and 
| enhanced searchâand finds a lot to be 
| excited about.


Mozilla's Thunderbird E-mail Client Comes With Tabs


Can Mozilla pull another Firefox with e-mail?


A Single Command to Install Thunderbird 3 in Ubuntu


I'm using it right now. It's great.


Thunderbird 3 Released


Mozilla Launches Thunderbird 3

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla Messaging, a wholly owned
| subsidiary of Mozilla dedicated to
| developing products that encourage choice,
| innovation, and opportunity in messaging
| on the Internet, today announced
| Thunderbird 3, the latest version of its
| free and open source email application.


Mozilla squirts out Thunderbird 3

,----[ Quote ]
| The outfitâs free alternative to
| Microsoftâs Outlook was made available as
| a download for Windows, Mac and Linux
| users on Tuesday. It comes less than a
| week after Mozilla pushed out a second
| release candidate version of the email
| client, in a move to fix a memory-hogging
| bug in Thunderbird 3.


Mozilla releases Thunderbird 3 email client


Mozilla hatches Thunderbird 3 release candidate

,----[Quote  ]
| Mozilla Messaging on Wednesday conjured up the
| first release candidate for version 3.0 of their
| popular open source email and news client.


Thunderbird visual refresh on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Been working on the appearance of Thunderbird for the last two months now and
| as things are starting to land in the Nightly builds, things are indeed
| starting to look quite nice. As always, Lapo have been of great help in the
| icon department.


Getting insight into oneâs own email

,----[ Quote ]
| which isnât as short as it should be, telling me pretty quickly that I have
| some old messages that need attention. Itâll be interesting to see what else
| we learn from these kinds of simple personal analytics.


Thunderbird 3 Coming To Fedora 11

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora 11 is reaching an impressive number of accepted features. Beyond
| introducing Intel and NVIDIA kernel mode-setting, Nouveau becoming the
| default NVIDIA driver, and a new volume control interface, there will be a
| plethora of package updates. Fedora 11 will have available Xfce 4.6, GNOME
| 2.26, and KDE 4.2 for the desktops.


Thunderbird 3 Beta 2 is Now Available

,----[ Quote ]
| We're happy to announce the release of Thunderbird 3 Beta 2, now available
| for download.


Lightning-in-Thunderbird status update

,----[ Quote ]
| For some time, we (the Thunderbird release-drivers) have been exploring how
| to best integrate calendar functionality into Thunderbird.  Time for an
| update.

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