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[News] Microsoft (and Google) Sued by Intellectual Monopolists for Spreading Torrent Information

  • Subject: [News] Microsoft (and Google) Sued by Intellectual Monopolists for Spreading Torrent Information
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 18:18:58 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Google and MS sued over links to file-sharing site

,----[ Quote ]
| Mini music label Blue Destiny Records has 
| sued both Google and Microsoft for allegedly 
| "facilitating and enabling" the illegal 
| distribution of copyrighted songs.


EA CEO: "I Think Of Pirates As A Marketplace"

By selling people who grab games digitally â without paying for them â post-release downloadable content.


Nesson Asking For Retrial In Tenenbaum Case, Claims It Was The Judge Who Screwed Up, Not Him

,----[ Quote ]
| From the rest of the article, it sounds like 
| he wants a do over. He says that he wants to 
| have a new trial where he'll make a brand 
| new argument: that Tenenbaum's use was fair 
| use because when he did the file sharing, 
| there was no legal way to purchase that 
| music digitally. As far as I can tell, 
| that's a misreading of what Gertner said 
| might possibly work as a limited fair use 
| claim, but there's no indication that this 
| is actually true in Tenenbaum's case, and 
| none of that addresses the basic procedural 
| mistakes that Nesson made.


âMissed Opportunityâ In File Sharing Case? Donât Believe It

,----[  ]
| Tenenbaum was only the second person in the 
| nation to be sued by the RIAA for file 
| sharing and to take the case all the way to 
| jury trial, making it a closely watched 
| case.  Itâs not surprising he lost, given 
| that he admitted to sharing 30 songs on 
| Kazaa and Limewire. But a few commentators 
| have decided that Tenenbaumâs lawyer, 
| Harvardâs Charles Nesson, is to blame for 
| failing to offer the nuanced âfair useâ 
| defense invited by the judge.


Getting Past The 'But Artists Should Just Be Artists' Myth

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all, it really helped solidify the 
| idea that the claim that "artists just need 
| to be artists" and shouldn't be concerned 
| about business models or talking to fans is 
| really just a line used by record labels to 
| try to gain more control over artists, at 
| their own expense. That doesn't mean that 
| artists shouldn't try to find that "5th 
| Beatle," to help them when it becomes 
| necessary, but that they should make sure 
| that whoever that 5th Beatle is, he or she 
| is really aligned with their thinking in 
| where they want to go with their career.


US Lobbyist: If Canada Just Implemented US-Style Copyright Law, US Would Drop 'Buy American' Provisions

,----[ Quote ]
| We've seen the ridiculous pressure that 
| lobbyists and diplomats have been putting on 
| Canada to put in place significantly more 
| draconian copyright law, without any 
| evidence that it's needed and even though 
| it's opposed by the vast majority of 
| Canadian citizens.


VideoSong Pioneers Pomplamoose Take on Beyonceâs âSingle Ladies,â Michael Jacksonâs âBeat Itâ

,----[ Quote ]
| Indie rockers Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte are 
| pioneers in the new VideoSong movement, soon 
| to hit a computer near you. The Stanford 
| University graduates formed the band 
| Pomplamoose in the summer of 2008, recording 
| high-energy video covers of popular tunes 
| like Beyonceâs âSingle Ladiesâ (which was 
| just nominated for a Song of the Year Grammy 
| Award) and Michael Jacksonâs âBeat It.â 
| Filmed and recorded out of Conteâs childhood 
| bedroom (his old blankets double as sound 
| dampeners on the wall), the videos make use 
| of clever editing and split screens to show 
| off Dawn on vocals and Conte playing one of 
| the two-dozen instruments lying around the 
| room.



Artists To National Gallery Of Canada: 'Pay Us Again And Again And Again!'

,----[ Quote ]
| Rose M. Welch writes in to point to the
| latest example of entitlement culture gone
| wrong. Apparently, two groups representing
| artists in Canada, The Canadian Artists'
| Representation, known as CARFAC, and the
| Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels
| du Quebec (RAAV), have filed a complaint
| against the National Gallery in Canada. The
| National Gallery already pays artists an
| exhibition fee to display their art. But,
| CARFAC and RAAV think that the National
| Gallery needs to pay them multiple times
| for the same artworks, because the Gallery
| also uses some of the artwork it displays
| in brochures, catalogs and other offerings.

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