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[News] Updegrove on Standards with Analogies

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Jazz, Jazz Standards, and Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Is one type of standard better than another? 
| Clearly not; they simply serve different 
| goals. The art, as in so many things, is to 
| find the right balance (even in the second 
| type of standard) between ensuring 
| usability, while enabling beneficial 
| creativity.
| This need for balance is recognized in one 
| of the core tenets of modern standard 
| setting, applauded by competitors, antitrust 
| authorities and economists alike. That tenet 
| goes something like this: vendors should be 
| encouraged to collaborate on the creation of 
| the standards necessary to enable new goods 
| and services to be offered, and then compete 
| in the creation of additional value-added 
| features that will distinguish their 
| particular wares in the marketplace from 
| each other. And, in fact, this is exactly 
| what does happen all of the time. 


News Corp, Time, others detail e-standard venture

,----[ Quote ]
| News Corp, Time Warner Inc's Time Inc and 
| three other publishers detailed their long-
| expected plans to develop open standards for 
| a new digital storefront and technology to 
| help prepare their print titles for devices 
| ranging from e-books to tablet computers. 



Open formats over open words

,----[ Quote ]
| There are some file formats which are published,
| open standards. Portable Document Format (PDF)
| is one you've probably heard of. HyperText
| Markup Language (HTML) is another. OpenDocument
| Format (ODF) is an ISO international standard,
| and the tools to use that format are free. But
| there are other file formats which are
| proprietary, and can only be edited natively in
| one specific application. The formats used by
| Microsoft Word (DOC and lately DOCX) come to
| mind. WordPerfect (WPS) is another program which
| uses a proprietary file format to store
| information.
| If I receive a PDF or HTML file, I can open it
| in a wide variety of applications, some of which
| are both well designed and obtainable for free.
| But if I'm sent a WPS or DOCX, I need the
| specific application that was used to create the
| file to open it reliably. Requiring me to have
| certain computer software doesn't seem very
| inclusive. âBut everybody has Microsoft Word!â
| you might be thinking to yourself. Is that the
| same âeverybodyâ who celebrates Christmas? Think
| about that.

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