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[News] OpenOffice.org Development News and Benchmarks, a Good Future for ODF

  • Subject: [News] OpenOffice.org Development News and Benchmarks, a Good Future for ODF
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 16:34:27 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Brainstorm New Ideas: Document Check 


results of automated tests from OOO320m5 and OOO320m7 

,----[ Quote ]
| Automated tests on milestone OO320m7 are 
| finished. Automated testing team reported a 
| 'green state' for all automated tests. Just 
| a small problem in w_updt.bas bother the 
| consistent picture of all platforms marked 
| green in QUASTe. This issue wasn't easy to 
| find but at the end we solved the problem in 
| showstopper CWS 'jl146' with issue 107038. 
| Depending on desktop respectively 
| OpenOffice.org window size the document is 
| middle or left aligned with automatic view 
| layout (which is default). This lead to the 
| problem sometimes the objects in writer 
| document were drawn outside of the documents 
| area by autotest. Finally we found and fixed 
| it by correcting view layout before 
| testcases run. Some additional minor fixes 
| for more stability were also done in this 
| CWS. Punctually with release of RC1 next 
| week the autotests are expected to deliver a 
| 'green state' on initial testrun.


ODF - The Future of Literate Programming? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Which brings me to the 'what if' question. 
| What if we leveraged the fact that there is 
| now a non-proprietary standard XML 
| representation for richly formatted office 
| documents called ODF[2]. What if we used ODF 
| compatible tools like OpenOffice[3] to write 
| our programs? How would we extract the lines 
| of code to feed to our compilers? We could 
| just use paragraph styles that indicate 
| Ãfeed this to the compilerÃ.
| For documentation, an embarrassment of 
| riches would then be instantly available. We 
| could use level heading to split up the 
| code/documentation into hierarchical chunks. 
| We could generate tables of contents from 
| these level headings. We could insert 
| pictures wherever we need them along with 
| tables, cross references, index entries and 
| so on. Heck we could even embed 
| spreadsheets, photographs taken of white-
| boards at planning meetings, the whole 
| shebang.
| WYSIWYG literate programming with ODF? I do 
| not see why not.


Open for business

,----[ Quote ]
| Open for Business logoA couple of years ago 
| we came up with a slogan for OpenOffice.org 
| â Open for Business â to get across a couple 
| of messages:
|     * OpenOffice.org software may be used by 
|     commercial businesses completely free of 
|     any licence fees
|     * OpenOffice.org software is also a 
|     great platform to build businesses 
|     around â training providers, systems 
|     integrators, PC manufacturers to name 
|     but a few


ODF is now winning in Japan...


Open formats over open words

,----[ Quote ]
| There are some file formats which are published,
| open standards. Portable Document Format (PDF)
| is one you've probably heard of. HyperText
| Markup Language (HTML) is another. OpenDocument
| Format (ODF) is an ISO international standard,
| and the tools to use that format are free. But
| there are other file formats which are
| proprietary, and can only be edited natively in
| one specific application. The formats used by
| Microsoft Word (DOC and lately DOCX) come to
| mind. WordPerfect (WPS) is another program which
| uses a proprietary file format to store
| information.
| If I receive a PDF or HTML file, I can open it
| in a wide variety of applications, some of which
| are both well designed and obtainable for free.
| But if I'm sent a WPS or DOCX, I need the
| specific application that was used to create the
| file to open it reliably. Requiring me to have
| certain computer software doesn't seem very
| inclusive. âBut everybody has Microsoft Word!â
| you might be thinking to yourself. Is that the
| same âeverybodyâ who celebrates Christmas? Think
| about that.

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