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[News] Microsoft Patent Frenzy Breeds OOXML Mistrust

  • Subject: [News] Microsoft Patent Frenzy Breeds OOXML Mistrust
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 01:08:02 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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EC Agrees to Close DRAM Antitrust Case Against Rambus

,----[ Quote ]
| And it could have a bearing on how the 
| European Commission deals with the 
| controversial decision by the international 
| standards body ISO to recognize Microsoft's 
| OOXML document format, according to some 
| observers.
| [...]
| The Commission is in the process of 
| settling a much bigger antitrust case 
| against Microsoft. A final decision to 
| accept the software giant's settlement 
| offer is expected next Tuesday.
| In addition to creating a level playing 
| field for competition among Internet 
| browsers, Microsoft is understood to have 
| also made promises not to unfairly withhold 
| information from companies that want to 
| make products compatible with the word 
| processing, spreadsheet and office 
| management tools contained in Microsoft's 
| Office suite of software applications.
| As part of this probe the Commission was 
| examining whether OOXML is sufficiently 
| interoperable with competitors' products, 
| and in April last year, when OOXML won ISO 
| status, the regulator suspected foul play.
| Microsoft was suspected of having unfairly 
| influenced the vote by national ISO 
| affiliates in order to secure the ISO label 
| on OOXML.
| It is unclear how the anticipated 
| settlement announcement of the Microsoft 
| case next week will deal with the questions 
| surrounding OOXML. "Microsoft's settlement 
| offer in the interoperability case has 
| addressed the main concerns other companies 
| had, but I don't know how this specific 
| issue has been settled," said one person 
| familiar with the Commission's thinking who 
| asked not to be named.


Microsoft Licensing Secrets

,----[ Quote ]
| Success in Microsoft licensing demands 
| extraordinary attention to detail and the 
| fine print.


The "Matrix" for First-Inventor-To-File: An Experimental Investigation into Proposed Changes in US Patent Law

,----[ Quote ]
| The Patent Reform Act of 2009 would replace 
| the current âfirst-to-inventâ (FTI) system 
| with a new âfirst-inventor-to-fileâ (FITF) 
| system. While touted as a way to harmonize 
| the US system with âfirst-to-fileâ (FTF) 
| systems used in other countries, an 
| experimental investigation of a matrix of 
| two hundred typical fact patterns for two 
| competing inventors was analyzed under all 
| three systems (FTI, FITF and FTF) to test 
| this assumption. Based on the matrix 
| analysis, it appears that if FITF is 
| adopted there likely will be changes in 
| applicant behavior and significant extra 
| costs for at least several years as a 
| result of the transition to a new system; 
| and, it is unclear whether FITF really gets 
| the US any closer to patent harmonization.



Microsoft Word Ban: Maybe it Wouldn't be so Bad

,----[ Quote ]
| First, there are plenty of alternative word processors out there, most of
| which read Word files perfectly well. Sure, there might be a few formatting
| glitches, but thatâs to be expected during any file conversion. Microsoft
| Office users, particularly those who rely heavily on the well-honed
| integration between Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint, would experience
| the most problems. But, again, the ban would affect new sales of Word, not
| existing copies. So users would have time to develop workarounds.
| Plus, thereâd be one big silver lining to a Microsoft Word ban: A true
| universal document format could take hold, one that replaces todayâs defacto
| standard -- Microsoftâs doc/docx -- thatâs tied too closely to the whims of
| one software vendor.
| Word ban? Sure, why not?


A few creative options for working without Word

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