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Re: Script to Download all the Nat. Geographic Wallpapers at once.

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Monday 14 Dec 2009 16:37 : \____

> Rockinghorse Winner pulled this Usenet boner:
>> http://lifehacker.com/5416007/download-all-of-national-geographics-wallpapers-at-once

I fetched it two weeks ago. It's great. KDE4 runs it as slideshows, with a different
slideshow on each screen and 1-minute intervals.

Windows users can get it too... just download cygwin and act like a Linux wannabe. :-)

> I recently bought a digital antenna to supplement our standard-def DirectTV
> subscription.  The clarity of over-the-air HD is amazing, certainly much
> better than any picture I have seen at the houses of friends who purchase
> Comcast cable HD.  [In fact, there was one game playing that was obviously
> HD, but it looked *awful*, like someone compressed it to fuzz and then
> overdid it with an edge-enhancement algorithm.]
> Anyway, it is amazing just how many HD screens look like great wallpaper.
> Say, has anyone ever noticed how just about every show now has moving
> morphing backgrounds somewhere in the picture?  Fox Soccer is the worst.
> It's like listening to audio while watching that goddamned Windows Media
> Player visual.
> And while I'm ranting about the telly, what is it with all this wolverine
> and vampire crap!?!?!?

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