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Re: [Rival] New Fiasco Involving Microsoft-corrupted OOXML BRM Convenor

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____/ Vaughn Bode on Wednesday 16 Dec 2009 05:50 : \____

> On Dec 11, 7:28 pm, Erik Funkenbusch <e...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> On Fri, 11 Dec 2009 19:23:04 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> >| Seeing that I was nominated as one of the
>> >| Brazilian delegates, I want to make clear the
>> >| explanation about my absence: I had no money to
>> >| pay for my trip! (btw, since the middle of this
>> >| year I donât know what is âhave moneyâ for
>> >| anything â).
>> Seems to me that if you can't do your job because you can't afford to make
>> the mandatory meetings, you should be fired.
>> Would an employer accept "I couldn't come to work this week because i had
>> no money for gas"?
> Would the same go for Alex Brown?  He didn't attend the meeting
> either.
> Well, if you can show up and vote for Microsoft's position, that is
> all that counts.  All that "standards" stuff is just make-work smoke
> screen so the animals can feel important.  The real standard will be
> handed out by Microsoft at the appropriate time.
> Did you see Rob Weir's blog (http://www.robweir.com/blog/
> 2009_10_01_archive.html)?  Microsoft has been busy with the MSXML
> standard.  At this time fixing the standard is in progress.  "For
> example, in OASIS, a technical committee is able to approved and
> publish "Approved Errata" but these are restricted to changes that do
> not break conformance of existing implementations. Anything beyond
> that is considered a substantive change to the standard and requires
> review approval by the OASIS membership."  "... the Microsoft-
> dominated WG4 appears to have overstepped the permissible bounds for
> corrigenda ..."
> In Rob's page you can see how the approved standard is getting fixed.
> "Oh lookey!  Someone's thumb slipped and fat-fingered 'int' as
> 'byte'"  Well, who hasn't had their hand slip like that?  And gosh!
> "Over here!  Golly, look at this 43 line misspelling"  And who hasn't
> made a spelling mistake like that when typing up formal documents?
>> If you're going to participate in the standards process, you should, you
>> know, actually participate.. not make excuses.
> So Erik, if Alex is doing his job, who is he working for?

And more on this long item:

,----[ Quote ]
| And the company Griffin Brown, of which the BRM convenor Alex Brown is the 
| director, sent out a press release 13 March 08 celebrating the 10th 
| anniversary of XML:  
| "Recent moves by Microsoft to standardise its Office products around XML file 
| formats merely confirms that most valuable business data in the future will 
| be stored in XML. â Alex Brown is convenor of the ISO/IEC DIS 29500 Ballot 
| Resolution Process, and has recently been elected to the panel to advise the 
| British Library on how to handle digital submission of journal articles."    
| [PJ: A bit of background on the British Library here, but the short version 
| is that it uses Microsoft, was a co-sponsor of having Ecma put what is now 
| OOXML on the fast track, and says today it is "pleased".] - No OOXML   


Also see:

Ecma - a case study for vendor capture

,----[ Quote ]
| A small network of people of ECMA International dominated the whole ISO 
| process around OOXML while technical experts of national ISO members were 
| impeded by committee stuffing, rules bending and political intervention and 
| the general restrictions of the revamped ISO/IEC fast-track process.   
| [...]
| On the right you find a picture of Jan van den Beld, back then general 
| secretary of ECMA international who received the 2000 pages from Microsoft 
| represented by its employee Jean Paoli (center). Jean Paoli is probably best 
| known for taking the Microsoft credit for the standardization of XML. The 
| other person with the beard is Adam Farquhar from the British Library, chair 
| of ECMA TC 45. You also find the picture on the right in Adam Farquhar's May 
| 07 presentation which advocates for OOXML.      


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		~~ Best of wishes

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