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[News] Net Censorship in the UK, Italy, Australia

  • Subject: [News] Net Censorship in the UK, Italy, Australia
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 09:34:23 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Questions for the new European Commissioners

,----[ Quote ]
| 2 weeks after launching a consultation, la 
| Quadrature du Net is submitting to the 
| European Parliament a set of questions to be 
| asked to the Commissioners designate.
| They cover a broad range of issues that are 
| essential to people's right to access a free 
| and open Internet. All these topics should 
| be a core component of the upcoming European 
| digital agenda.
| All questions directly relate to the 
| portfolio of Neelie Kroes, Commissioner for 
| the Digital Agenda. Other Commissioners 
| designate whose Directorate-General are 
| competent for specific issues are indicated 
| below.


Government wants new powers to block wikileaks and squeeze web tv

,----[ Quote ]
| Just over a week ago I wrote a fairly dry 
| legal analysis of the Digital Economy Bill. 
| I spotted an extremely serious provision â 
| clause 11 â in the version being discussed 
| in the House of Lords. Having looked at the 
| amendments (which you can find on the Bill's 
| document page) I am worried that no-one in 
| Parliament appears to be taking the problem 
| serious. 


Danish police abuse climate-change demonstrators

,----[ Quote ]
| Zoran sez, "Earlier this week (12th Dec), a 
| massive, peaceful protest of 100,000 people 
| -- the largest demonstration for climate 
| justice in world history -- was met with a 
| heavy-handed response by the Danish police. 
| Thousands of riot police swarmed the march 
| route, blocked off streets surrounding large 
| groups of protestors, and arrested almost 
| 1,000 people. Arrestees were cuffed and 
| forced to sit in rows for hours, as the 
| temperatures dipped below freezing; numerous 
| people urinated on themselves after being 
| denied use of toilets."


BBC deletes important story on toxic waste dumping in the Ivory Coast after legal threats, 12 Dec 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| This file contains a deleted BBC news 
| article on the toxic-waste dumping of 
| commodities giant Trafigura. According to a 
| September 2009 UN report, the dumping drove 
| 108,000 people in the Ivory Coast to seek 
| medical attention.
| Trafigura and their lawyers Carter Ruck had 
| been pursuing an ongoing libel case against 
| the BBC over a news story from on the case 
| that aired in May 2009[1].
| In the story "Dirty Tricks and Toxic Waste 
| in the Ivory Coast", the BBC's Newsnight 
| programme stated: "It is the biggest toxic 
| dumping scandal of the 21st century, the 
| type of environmental vandalism that 
| international treaties are supposed to 
| prevent. Now Newsnight can reveal the truth 
| about the waste that was illegally tipped on 
| Ivory Coast's biggest city, Abidjan". The 
| programme alleged that a number of deaths 
| had been caused by the dumping of this toxic 
| waste, which had originated with Trafigura.
| Until this week the story was still 
| available on the BBC website.[2]
| The link stopped working some time on 
| December 10th or 11th, but at the time of 
| writing the Google cache is still 
| available[3]. 


Stand up to Trafigura abuse of outdated libel laws

,----[ Quote ]
| Trafigura took a very aggressive stance, 
| using the UKâs outdated libel laws to gag 
| the media, and questions in Parliament. When 
| the Guardian reported that it had been 
| served with a âsuper-injunctionâ that didnât 
| allow it to name Trafigura, or Carter-Ruck, 
| *or* the fact that they had taken out an 
| injunction on them, the Internet took up the 
| case and plastered the details everywhere. 


Child groups slam Conroyâs ISP filtering plans

,----[ Quote ]
| Childrenâs rights groups have spoken out 
| against the Federal Governmentâs plans to 
| introduce mandatory ISP-level filtering, 
| saying it will not effectively protect 
| children.
| International child rights group, Save the 
| Children, said while it congratulates the 
| government on its attempt to improve the 
| safety of children online, an ISP-level 
| filter is not the best way to offer 
| protection. 


Child safety vetting list will grow from initial 9m

,----[ Quote ]
| There had been plans for some 11.3 million 
| adults to be vetted - but after criticism 
| from school leaders and children's authors 
| the rules on frequency of contact have been 
| eased, reducing this to an estimated nine 
| million.


Silvio Berlusconi: Italian government threatens to block anti-Berlusconi Facebook groups

,----[ Quote ]
| Outraged Italian ministers have threatened 
| action against dozens of Facebook groups 
| which have sprung up praising the actions of 
| the man who allegedly attacked Silvio 
| Berlusconi.


Battles over Berlusconi rage in cyberspace


Facebook to Monitor Berlusconi Content 

,----[ Quote ]
| Facebook said Tuesday that it would monitor 
| content on its Web site dealing with Prime 
| Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy 
| following an attack at a political rally 
| that left him hospitalized.


Italian student tells of arrest while filming for fun

,----[ Quote ]
| Police community support officers (PCSOs) 
| stopped Italian student Simona Bonomo under 
| anti-terrorism legislation for filming 
| buildings in London. Moments later, she was 
| arrested by other officers, held in a police 
| cell and fined. She talks Paul Lewis through 
| the footage she recorded of her conversation 
| with the PSCOs. Source: guardian.co.uk Link 
| to this video


Online-only news to be overseen by press watchdog

,----[ Quote ]
| Internet-only publications are to face the 
| same regulations as newspapers for the first 
| time under an extension to the powers of 
| newspaper industry self-regulator body the 
| Press Complaints Commission (PCC).


Google weighs in to Aussie firewall row

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has criticised the Australian 
| government's forthcoming mandatory ISP 
| censorship system for targeting a "too wide" 
| a range of content.


Australia introduces web filters

,----[ Quote ]
| Australia intends to introduce filters which 
| will ban access to websites containing 
| criminal content.
| The banned sites will be selected by an 
| independent classification body guided by 
| complaints from the public, said 
| Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. 



What is the 'Clean Feed'?

,----[ Quote ]
| The Australian Federal Government is pushing
| forward with a plan to force Internet
| Service Providers [ISPs] to censor the
| Internet for all Australians. This plan will
| waste tens of millions of taxpayer dollars
| and will not make anyone safer.z
| Despite being almost universally condemned
| by the public, ISPs, State Governments,
| Media and censorship experts, Communications
| Minister Stephen Conroy is determined to
| force this filter into your home.


Australia Edges Us Towards the Digital Dark Ages

,----[ Quote ]
| The first is that it won't actually stop
| people accessing illegal or unsuitable
| content. As fast as sites and IP addresses
| are blocked, others will pop up in an online
| arms race that is unwinnable by leaden-
| footed bureaucracy.
| Another issue is that by providing a
| compulsory filtering of the feed, the
| Australian government could easily lull
| parents into a false sense of security, and
| actually *increase* the risk of children
| being exposed to dangerous material. As with
| all kinds of online dangers, the best
| protection is for parents to be actively
| involved in the children's exploration of
| that world, and it's foolish to send out the
| message that the government is now
| âtacklingâ this problem, because many people
| will draw the inevitable conclusion that
| they don't need to worry about the issue any
| more.


Chinese domain crackdown targets smut sites

,----[ Quote ]
| Chinese regulators have started to request
| business licences and paperwork before
| allowing future .cn domain registrations.


Mandelson's Power to Censor the Net

,----[ Quote ]
| Hidden away inside the Bill, there's
| unlimited - and arbitrary - censorship of
| any site the Secretary of State takes
| against:
|     Surely something must limit this power
|     you ask? It seems not. The Secretary of
|     State may make an order if "he considers
|     it appropriate" in view of:
|     (a) an assessment carried out or steps
|     taken by OFCOM under section 124G; or
|     (b) any other consideration.
|     Where "any other consideration" could be
|     anything. To their credit the Tories do
|     seem to have realised that this
|     particular alternative is overly
|     permissive. Lord Howard of Rising and
|     Lord de Mauley have proposed (in the
|     first tranche of amendments proposed
|     that the "or" be replaced by an "and".
|     What astonishes me is that there is no
|     obligation for the Secretary of STate to
|     even publish such an order, let alone
|     subject it to the scrutiny of
|     Parliament, yet he could fundamentally
|     change the way the internet operates
|     using it. Other orders made under other
|     parts of the Bill will have to be made
|     by statutory instrument and most will
|     require Parliamentary approval. Not this
|     one.
| If this goes through, we are in deep
| trouble, people....

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