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[News] Denmark Gets Help with ODF Adoption

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Netherlands helps Denmark with open IT

,----[ Quote ]
| The Dutch government has provided Denmark 
| with information regarding the Dutch 
| national plan Heemskerk for open government 
| IT.
| In Denmark, there is heated debate about the 
| approach for open IT usage by the 
| government. One of the obstacles is the open 
| file format for mandatory use by the 
| government and government organizations. ODF 
| (Open Document Format) and OOXML (Open 
| Office XML), originally developed by 
| Microsoft, are the candidates for use.
| The Dutch Ministry of Finance shared with 
| Denmark the experience and knowledge it has 
| gained from the national plan Heemskerk and 
| the resulting action plan "Nederland Open in 
| Verbinding" (NOiV). Finance spokesman Edwin 
| van Scherrenburg confirmed to Dutch IDG news 
| site Webwereld that the two governments are 
| in contact. "We have shared all information 
| regarding NOiV," he said.


Locked out by design

,----[ Quote ]
| Software vendors have tried on and off to 
| lock these documents so users needed the 
| original software to use them. This can go 
| horribly wrong, as some users of Microsoft 
| Office 2003 have just found out to their 
| cost, when the software refused to let them 
| get at their documents â their own 
| intellectual property. This is a design 
| feature of Microsoft Office software which 
| happened to misfire.
| What it highlights is that no-one outside 
| Microsoft has a clue what is hidden inside 
| their secretive software. It also highlights 
| the importance of not using a secret format 
| to store valuable office documents. The safe 
| way to store valuable documents is in 
| OpenDocument Format (ODF) â an ISO approved 
| open standard which isnât owned by any one 
| company. Itâs the best guarantee against 
| being held to ransom one day by a software 
| supplier.



DK: Chair of Denmark's standards committee: 'Microsoft is lying'

,----[ Quote ]
| Mogens KÃhn Pedersen, chair of the Danish
| Standards Committee, says Microsoft is
| lying when it says it will implement ISO
| OOXML in the next version of its suite of
| office applications.
| On Saturday Pedersen accused the software
| vendor of lying, in an article by the
| Danish news site Business.dk, part of the
| newspaper Berlingske Tidene. Pedersen,
| professor of Informatics at the Copenhagen
| Business School, on Monday afternoon
| confirmed his statement: "I realise these
| are blunt remarks to make as chair of the
| committee, but when you advise the
| government you have to tell the truth."

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