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Re: "Vista Sucks" video so popular, YouTube want me to become a partner

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____/ Homer on Monday 21 Dec 2009 05:15 : \____

> [quote]
> Dear Homer101010,
> Your video Bill Gates says "Vista Sucks" has become popular on YouTube
> and you're eligible to apply for the YouTube Partnership Programme,
> which allows you to make money from playbacks of your video.
> Once you're approved, making money from your video is easy. Here's how
> it works: First, sign in to your YouTube account. Then, complete the
> steps outlined here: [redacted]. Once you've finished, we'll start
> placing ads next to your video and pay you a share of the revenue, as
> long as you meet the programme requirements.
> We look forward to adding your video to the YouTube Partnership
> Programme. Thanks and good luck!
> The YouTube Team
> [/quote]
> See, it /is/ possible to make money from Microsoft's Slopware.

You must donate all such income to the "Show Us Your Wow" Vista campaign.

The Web site is dead, but Microsoft is always looking for donations that help
keep Windows alive. Microsoft has debt.

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