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Re: [News] Moving from Windows to GNU/Linux a Very Natural Choice

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____/ JeffM on Sunday 20 Dec 2009 23:00 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> :there were a few competing[...]windowing systems operating
> :on top of DOS. GEOS is one[...]OS/2 was another.
> :
> He needs a better understanding of the history.
> GEOS didn't succeed because it couldn't beat M$'s FUD;
> the app developers clustered around Redmond's vaporware.
> DR-DOS also existed--and was better than M$-DOS.
> The gov't regulators let M$ pull their dirty tricks on that
> and didn't interfere.
> He also needs a fact checker.
> OS/2 was a standalone 32-bit OS replacement for DOS/Windoze.
> IBM also shot itself in the foot by using MicroChannel on 386s
> and including Windoze-compatibility in OS/2.
> Both their bus and their OS were seen as unnecessary
> and were soon relegated to also-ran status.
> Oh, and IBM's marketing staff sucked;
> it's as though they spent the previous decade
> selling sugar water.
> :When graphical operating systems began[,]
> :they were hardware based.
> :If you wanted to use a different operating system[,]
> :you had to use different hardware.
> :
> Nope.  OS/2 was x86-compatible.
> IBM's marketing drones weren't as good as M$'s.
> :[Not a word about how M$ mass-licenses their crap
> :to hardware vendors nor the resulting anti-trust litigations.]
> :
> The parts blockquoted by Roy missed
> much of the child-author's opinions-as-facts parts
> --and the author doesn't know most of the "why"s.

It's interesting that IBM eventually harnessed Linux to destroy Microsoft's dominance.

Had IBM become the software winner in the 1980s, maybe we would have no GNU/Linux,
just BSD.

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