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Re: [News] Simulator Targets Linux

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____/ JeffM on Monday 21 Dec 2009 20:37 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>|a lot of folks donât run Windows
>>|and donât wish to use that development environment
>>|[provided with AVR Studio]
>>|even if Wine or Virtualbox could make it happen.
> This is a nice development.
> Now let's hope that Atmel keeps their head above water
> so their talented technologists continue to have
> a place where they can still turn out useful chips
> and that the company's ridiculous management
> doesn't implode the corporate framework.
> ...and a company that had Atmel's technologists
> and Microchip, Inc.'s business savvy, would be killer.

Wind River and MontaVista were both acquired recently, which maybe leaves those
other companies with more leeway. The acquirers use Linux too and they
know that in order to sell hardware they can use Free software just fine
(and still make money).

Windows CE is probably dying like Mobile.

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