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[News] openQRM is Alive and Well

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openQRM Lives On

,----[ Quote ]
| After going from proprietary to Open Source 
| product, Qlusters shutting down shop, openQRM 
| now gets a bright new future, openQRM 
| Enterprise GMBH could well become the RedHat 
| of the Open Source Enterrpise Management 
| tools, or Open Source Entrprise Virtualization 
| tools, or Open Source Cloud tools ..


Open Source As A SaaS Endgame - Digging A Bit More

,----[ Quote ]
| Even though the open source licensing of SaaS 
| app doesn't guarantee that the app will 
| flourish after the demise of the original 
| developer/vendor, it lives long enough to 
| ensure business continuity and, with some 
| luck, it can even flourish. I still feel it is 
| still a better option to have open source as 
| an endgame for SaaS. Even if the open source 
| version is of no use to the users, the very 
| fact that it will be available as open source 
| helps the users trust SaaS more than what they 
| do now. It gives them a confidence that their 
| business continuity will not be affected with 
| a move to SaaS.



21 Grams and a Billion Dollars

,----[ Quote ]
| How is it we can know the weight of a person's
| soul* but not be able to measure the success
| of a piece of individual FOSS software with
| the truly compelling metrics needed to satisfy
| and influence enterprise adopters and
| governments.

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