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[News] Microsoft's Demise and Rise of GNU/Linux Backed by Evidence

  • Subject: [News] Microsoft's Demise and Rise of GNU/Linux Backed by Evidence
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 20:07:06 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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More FUD Please

,----[ Quote ]
| I am not the first to predict Microsoftâs 
| demise with Linux to the better. Heck, I am not 
| even the first to predict a dramatic drop in a 
| 24 month period. Be sure to put Newsweek and 
| Techblorge on your list of people who are 
| calling doom for the software giant. What makes 
| my prediction unique, is I allow you, the 
| spectators of this $20 bet, participate in the 
| discussion of what will we use on June 30, 
| 2011. Now that is community.
| [...]
| The harder they fight the less resources they 
| have to go into product. Customers are running 
| away from Microsoft products. Everyday I see 
| people dumping Windows for Linux or MacOSX. 
| Even former Microsoft apologist, Don Dodge, has 
| gone Google. From what I can see, Microsoft is 
| shrinking. It would be to Microsoftâs benefit 
| to get out of the FUD business and focus on 
| selling out of Windows 7. That way it could be 
| an example of a successful American company 
| like Red Hat instead of General Motors.



Microsoft Doesn't Learn

,----[ Quote ]
| The marketing effort for Windows 7 now
| underway clearly illustrates one thing:
| Microsoft has not learned from the past. For
| some reason, they seem to think that people
| actually care about the features of their
| operating system. The truth is, people donât
| really care. â Windows 7 is likely to follow
| the same fate as Vista.


Windows 7 â Itâs Vista All Over Again

,----[ Quote ]
| âThere you go againâ. The Gipper said it in
| 1982, and Iâm saying it today â but about
| Windows 7, not Jimmy Carter.
| Because the more I play with Windows 7, the
| more I see the Vista debacle unfolding all
| over again. The commonly accepted wisdom is
| that Windows 7 is oh-so-much-better than
| Vista. Well, based on my own extensive
| testing, itâs not. Not at all.
| First a bit of history. Back in 2006 I was
| editor-in-chief of PC Magazine. Vista was
| coming out and we were pretty darn
| laudatory. Microsoft provided us with new
| hardware, we tested beta versions of Vista,
| and we loved it. Shortly after it shipped,
| alas, the Wow was less Now than Ow. Vista
| sucked upon release to the world for a wide
| range of reasons â not least because the
| networking and audio driver models were
| completely rebuilt in the six months prior
| to release. That led to driver problems,
| along with general instability. When I left
| PC Magazine in 2007, my parting column was
| a bit of an apology â weâd been too easy on
| what turned out to be one of Microsoftâs
| more uneven efforts.
| Itâs easy to get snowed. Microsoft provides
| its favored reviewers a steady stream of
| highlights, new versions, and new features
| â along with brand new hardware to run the
| new builds upon. A team of technical
| marketers inside the borg stand at the
| ready â helping the anointed work through,
| and around, any problems that develop
| during testing.
| [...]
| Weâve seen this story before. Vista was
| overhyped when it came out by everyone from
| PC Magazine to the Wall Street Journal. And
| now Windows 7 is getting the same treatment.

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