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[ News] New Web Censorship in Canada, US, Russia

  • Subject: [ News] New Web Censorship in Canada, US, Russia
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 04:06:45 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Canada Successfully Destroys Parody Websites

,----[ Quote ]
| The government of Canada has used strong-arm 
| tactics to shut down two parody websites 
| criticizing Canada's poor environmental 
| policy, taking down 4500 other websites in the 
| process.
| The two websites, "enviro-canada.ca" and "ec-
| gc.ca", are "directly connected to a hoax 
| which misleads people into believing that the 
| Government of Canada will take certain actions 
| in relation to environmental matters," wrote 
| Mike Landreville from Environment Canada in an 
| email to the German Internet Service Provider 
| (ISP) Serverloft.  "We trust you appreciate 
| the importance of avoiding confusion among the 
| public concerning Canadian governmental 
| affairs and that you will assist us in 
| preventing this hoax from spreading further."


Court orders three H-1B sites disabled

,----[ Quote ]
| A New Jersey judge has ordered the shutdown of 
| three H-1B opposition Web sites and seeks 
| information about the identity of anonymous 
| posters.
| On Dec. 23, Middlesex County Superior Court 
| Judge James Hurley ordered firms that register 
| domains and provide hosting services -- 
| GoDaddy Inc., Network Solutions, Comcast Cable 
| Communications Inc. and DiscountASP.Net, to 
| disable the three sites, ITgrunt.com, 
| Endh1b.com, and Guestworkerfraud.com. Facebook 
| Inc. was also ordered to disable ITgrunt's 
| Facebook page.


Russia to prosecute YouTube police whistleblower

,----[ Quote ]
| A former policeman who accused senior officers 
| of corruption in a series of video blogs will 
| himself face prosecution for abuse of office, 
| Russian investigators said on Monday.
| Former police major Alexei Dymovsky became a 
| household name in Russia earlier this year 
| when he used YouTube to appeal to Prime 
| Minister Vladimir Putin to tackle corruption 
| in the police force.
| A criminal case will be brought against 
| Dymovsky for "fraud committed by a person 
| using his official position," the Prosecutor-
| General's investigative committee said in a 
| statement. It gave no further details.


Wikileaks suspends ops to launch pledge drive

,----[ Quote ]
| The whistle blowing site is taking time out 
| until 6 January to ask for support in many 
| forms, not just donations. Wikileaks is 
| appealing for help from volunteer coders, 
| offers of free legal assistance and hosting 
| support as well as cash donations. The site 
| has promised not to accept corporate or 
| government finance in order to protect its 
| integrity.



Chinese domain crackdown targets smut sites

,----[ Quote ]
| Chinese regulators have started to request
| business licences and paperwork before
| allowing future .cn domain registrations.


Microsoft Claims It Fixed Bing's Chinese Search 'Bug'

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft claims it fixed a controversial
| "bug" that made Bing Image Search deliver
| uniformly pro-Chinese-government results
| to politically sensitive queries inputted
| in Simplified Chinese.
| Bing came under fire on Nov. 20 from New
| York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who
| accused Microsoft of "craven kowtowing" to
| the Chinese government by offering
| "sanitized pro-Communist results" in
| response to Bing searches in Simplified
| Chinese for terms such as "Tiananmen" and
| "Dalai Lama."


Microsoft Talks China Outsourcing

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) has outsourced more
| than $100 million of business to China in
| 2009, qq.com reported December 3 citing Wang
| Ying, Senior Director of Microsoft China R&D
| Group's China Outsourcing Center.


Boycott Microsoft Bing

,----[ Quote ]
| If you search a term on Bing that is
| politically sensitive in China, in English
| the results are legitimate. Search
| ×âÅTiananmen×â and you×ââll find out about the
| army firing on pro-democracy protesters in
| 1989. Search Dalai Lama, Falun Gong and you
| also get credible results. Conduct the
| search in complex Chinese characters (the
| kind used in Taiwan and Hong Kong) and on
| the whole you still get authentic results.
| But conduct the search with the simplified
| characters used in mainland China, then you
| get sanitized pro-Communist results. This is
| especially true of image searches. Magic! No
| Tiananmen Square massacre. The Dalai Lama
| becomes an oppressor. Falun Gong believers
| are villains, not victims.


NYT's Kristof: Boycott Bing

,----[ Quote ]
| Kristof's objection, outlined in a blog post
| this afternoon, centers around his
| observation that searches conducted using
| simplified Chinese characters in Bing return
| "sanitized pro-Communist results" not just
| in China but around the world. He questions
| Microsoft's claim that the results are
| determined by search algorithms, not its
| corporate policy. Here's an excerpt from his
| post.


Bing Censoring All Simplified Chinese Language Queries


Bing Search Tainted by Pro-Microsoft Results

,----[ Quote ]
| The first of the search results about the Microsoft Word question linked to a
| page about how expensive Manhattan is (Is Microsoft competing with Manhattan
| now?). The top responses to the "Is Microsoft Evil?" question were, get this,
| a link to a New York Times story about whether or not Google is considered
| evil, a link about proxy servers, and a link to a story about Microsoft being
| charitable. Wow.

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