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[News] Pardus GNU/Linux Receives a Fantastic Review

  • Subject: [News] Pardus GNU/Linux Receives a Fantastic Review
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 01:39:15 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Pardus Linux - An open-source Janissary 

,----[ Quote ]
| Pardus is a really nice distro. I'm 
| surprised it does not have a bigger user 
| base. But it kind of figures out. Few 
| people have heard of Pardus or had the 
| chance to try it and find out just how 
| great it is, myself included. But now that 
| I've been exposed to its goodies, it's 
| time to spread the word.
| Pardus wins you over by many great 
| features, starting with a very soft, 
| pleasant installation, followed by a 
| smooth, streamlined desktop setup. Then, 
| you get lots of great programs, cross-
| platform productivity out of the box, 
| great looks, good performance and solid 
| stability, and a whole lot of tiny details 
| that you don't normally encounter.
| Pardus is truly a unique, refreshing 
| change from the daily routine. The only 
| bad thing I could find was proxy support 
| and nothing else. It behaved phenomenally.
| Well, I am genuinely pleased. I warmly 
| recommend you try Pardus and see for 
| yourself. It's a small distro, so you 
| might not be tempted. But don't let this 
| distract you. In the worst case, you won't 
| be won over and you won't be using it, but 
| I doubt that. If you're a home user in 
| search after a decent distribution that 
| offers everything, you're in no mood for 
| command line hacks and you just want to 
| enjoy your desktop out of box, browse, 
| chat with friends or listen to music, 
| Pardus is a great choice.
| This Turkish distro is a very smart 
| solution. The best thing you can do is 
| help it grow bigger and gain more 
| popularity. Sometimes, all it takes for a 
| talent to break through is the critical 
| mass of believers. Currently, Pardus is 
| ranked #37 on DistroWatch and it 
| definitely deserves better than that.
| Speaking of DistroWatch, you may want to 
| read the review thither. Like most reviews 
| of Pardus 2009, it speaks highly of the 
| distribution. Many good points and some 
| small problematic details I've not 
| observed, definitely worth checking out.
| Thank you all who suggested Pardus. It's 
| really great! 



Distro Review: Pardus Linux 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Ease Of Installation & Setup: 4/5
| Stability & Speed: 4/5
| Community & Online Support: 3/5
| Features: 5/5
| Overall: 4/5
| Overall I had a lot of fun with Pardus and it may even have finally taught me
| the virtues of KDE, which was no small task indeed.


Pardus 2009 firewall, NTP, and openSSH server configuration

,----[ Quote ]
| Pardus is a Linux, desktop-oriented distro that was just reviewed here. This
| post is to help you configure some very important aspects of the operating
| system that should have been enabled out of the box. Expert knowledge is not
| required to make these configuration changes, just the ability to point and
| click.


First look at Pardus Linux 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| While I had heard and read good things about Pardus for a few years now, I
| had never tried the distro until the 2009 release. I haven't been this
| enthusiastic about a new distro I've tried in quite some time. I didn't find
| any serious bugs which prevented me from working or which really got in my
| way at all. The implementation of KDE 4 is probably the best I've seen and
| represents the first time I've truly been comfortable working with the latest
| incarnation of KDE as my desktop environment. The implementation of Xfce is
| also first rate. Pardus also offers an excellent variety of unique graphical
| system administration tools that are intuitive and work as expected. Anything
| available in the GUI also has a command-line equivalent. In the case of PiSi,
| the Pardus package manager, the CLI edition also offers additional
| functionality.
| Pardus is generally very user-friendly. There are a few convenience features
| found in the major distributions, such as automated upgrade notification and
| automatic network interface switching, that are still lacking in Pardus.
| These aren't bugs but rather are missing niceties that I've gotten used to in
| other distros. The Pardus developers do encourage filing wish list items in
| their bug-tracking system and I may just have to add a few.
| Internationalization and localization is well done and is nearly, but not
| quite, complete for "unsupported" languages. It is very complete and
| functions flawlessly for officially supported languages. I found the forum,
| Wiki, and in general the English-language documentation for Pardus to be
| excellent. When I did post in the forum, I received a quick, friendly, and
| helpful response. That's all anyone can ask of the community behind any
| distribution.
| Pardus has a lot to recommend it and definitely rates a try for anyone who
| wants an excellent KDE 4 implementation. Pardus isn't perfect, but its flaws
| and shortcomings are relatively minor compared to many if not most other
| distributions I've tried, including recent releases of some of the big names
| in Linux. It's easy enough to install and use that I would certainly consider
| it a good candidate distribution for a new Linux user, yet it doesn't lack
| the features and, apart from the YALI installer, the flexibility an
| experienced user will desire. I am definitely impressed with Pardus 2009.


Review: Pardus 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall though, I'm highly impressed with the new Pardus.  It's fast, sleek,
| stable, and just a good all around new user distro.  It's also a nice
| improvement on its predecessor.  But even with all this greatness, there's
| still a few flies in the ointment.  Interestingly enough, none are the fault
| of Pardus, as the issues lie elsewhere in other applications.
| Do I recommend Pardus 2009 for new users?  Yes, and completely yes.  For
| power users?  Not really.  There are few distros that properly balance the
| needs of the new user with that of the power user, and Pardus chose not to
| try to be one of those, instead siding with new users.  But that's fine,
| because this is a good distribution for friends, family, and the occasional
| co-worker who wants to try out Linux, but needs something newbie friendly to
| cut their teeth on.

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