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Re: [News] Freedom for 60,000 More Books

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____/ Mark Kent on Monday 04 Jan 2010 17:49 : \____

> Chris Ahlstrom <ahlstromc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> Roy Schestowitz pulled this Usenet boner:
>>> 60,000 books from Library of Congress go online
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>| Almost 60,000 are available now and more are
>>>| scanned every day. These books are in the
>>>| public domain and come with no restrictions on
>>>| their use. Feel free to harvest, index,
>>>| investigate, and re-use.
>>> `----
>>> http://www.archive.org/iathreads/post-view.php?id=283352
>>    http://www.archive.org/details/library_of_congress
>> Bookmarked.
> Yes, this is brilliant.  The BL should look at this and learn.

They might learn about putting it on the Web, but not about making it DRM-free.
AdamF is still running this show with Alex Brown and other Microsoft friends, I reckon. 

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