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[News] Censorship in China Backfires, Copenhagen Hostage Released

  • Subject: [News] Censorship in China Backfires, Copenhagen Hostage Released
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2010 16:21:30 +0000
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How China's Attempts To Censor The Internet Are Failing

,----[ Quote ]
| Just as Bono is claiming that the world 
| should look to China's success in 
| censoring the internet as a good example 
| of how other countries can fight 
| unauthorized internet file sharing, the 
| Wall Street Journal is reporting on just 
| how badly China's "war" against the 
| internet is going, noting that the more it 
| tries to censor, the more trouble it's 
| having in doing so:
| The Internet has enabled more Chinese to 
| have more access to information today, and 
| given them greater ability to communicate 
| and express themselves than at any time 
| since the founding of the People's 
| Republic. 


Copenhagen protester released from jail

,----[ Quote ]
| An Australian held in a Danish prison for 
| three weeks for organising a protest 
| during the Copenhagen climate change 
| conference has been released.
| Natasha Verco was arrested on December 15, 
| a day before the biggest protest march 
| during the United Nations talks in 
| Copenhagen. 


Jack Straw to review Britain's libel laws

,----[ Quote ]
| Ministry of Justice says wide-ranging 
| review will look at the issue of libel 
| tourism, and whether British courts are 
| being exploited



Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo sentenced to 11 years in jail

,----[ Quote ]
| One of China's most prominent human rights
| activists was condemned today to 11 years in
| prison, prompting a furious backlash from
| domestic bloggers and international civil
| society groups.
| Liu Xiaobo, the founder of the Charter 08
| campaign for constitutional reform, was given
| the unusually harsh jail term on Christmas Day
| in an apparent attempt to minimise
| international attention.

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