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Re: [News] Free/Libre VoIP Spreads Very Fast, Video Too

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____/ Lusotec on Wednesday 06 Jan 2010 11:18 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> VoIP to 'explode' in 2010
>> (...)
>> http://www.telappliant.com/voip-news/19539076/voip-to-explode-in-2010/
> For business (and private users) that already have a good internet
> connection, VoIP is a good way to reduce communication costs. I for one, use
> VoIP extensively and have reduced my telephone bills to a small fraction of
> what it used to be. This reduction alone pays for my internet costs.
> I like to keep working while talking to people. Video gets in the way of
> that so I rarely use it for work relate communications. For personal use,
> video calls are nice, especially if you haven't seen a person in some time
> (and want to :) ).
> Regards.

Sometimes I use VoIP 5 hours a day. And yes, it makes the telephone (land line) rather obsolete, mostly
for emergencies.

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