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[News] Ubuntu Membership and Benchmarks

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2010: Your Year for Ubuntu Membership!

,----[ Quote ]
| Maybe you have been thinking about 
| becoming an Ubuntu Member? If so, 2010 can 
| be your year. Let's find out how. I had 
| the opportunity to interview Nathan 
| Handler who lead a session on Ubuntu 
| Membership during the last Ubuntu Open 
| Week. Nathan is a member of the Ubuntu 
| IRCC (Internet Relay Chat Council). Nathan 
| is very versed in the community aspects as 
| he is an active contributor in many areas. 
| Nathan was also feature in the Ubuntu Hall 
| of Fame. Let's get started!


Benchmarking Ubuntuâs lpia Build

,----[ Quote ]
| As the new owner of a Dell Latitude 2100 
| netbook, Iâm eager to get as much 
| performance out of my little machine as 
| possible.  One of the most pressing issues 
| in my life over the last week, therefore, 
| has been to decide whether to use the i386 
| or lpia build of Ubuntu on my new 
| computer.  Hereâs the decision I came to, 
| and why.


Official Ubuntu Desktop Support For Home Users

,----[ Quote ]
| Trust me to miss the memo, but somewhere 
| along the line Canonical started selling 
| support services to home users as well as 
| businesses and enterprises via the 
| official Ubuntu Store.


Manual for Karmic Still Not Certain



Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Alpha 1 review

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu 10.04âs Alpha has been released. We decided to install it
| on one of our netbooks to see what is new in it. Canonical claims
| that many new things will surface with the release Ubuntu 10.04 and
| some of them have been implemented in the alpha release.
| [...]
| Right now, there is not even a basic paint alternative. gpaint which
| although looks a lot like MS paint, but cannot even crop a picture. So,
| if GIMP is removed, I donât think there is a worthy MSpaint
| alternative in Linux
| Office
|     * Dictionary
|     * Evolution mail and calender
|     * OpenOffice Presentaion
|     * OpenOffice Spreadsheet
|     * OpenOffice Word Processor
| Sound and Video
|     * Brasero Disc Burner
|     * Movie Player
|     * Rhythmbox Music Player
|     * Sound Recorder

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