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Re: Nexus None

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____/ nessuno on Wednesday 06 Jan 2010 19:43 : \____

> <Quote>
> Is it [Google's Nexus One] an iPhone killer? Hardly. And thatâs not
> even the point....
> The real losers today, then, are makers of feature phones and, maybe,
> Microsoft, which has the most vulnerable smart phone platform in
> Windows Phone.
> The Nexus One introduction, coming on top of the iPhone, marks the
> true ascendence of smart phones as an alternative platform to desktops
> and notebooks....
> iPhone and Android will be here for the long haul with the question
> being which of Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry will die?
> Whatâs your guess? My guess is that Blackberry will be the third
> standard, Nokia will eventually leave Symbian for Android, and
> Microsoft will buy Palm but then screw it up, losing its position
> almost entirely in the mobile client space where smart phones will
> soon dominate, selling up to a billion units per year.
> </Quote>
> http://www.cringely.com/2010/01/nexus-none/

I suppose Cringely doesn't know about Maemo. :-)

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