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Re: Former Microsoft Manager Advocates GNU/Linux

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____/ KeithCu on Friday 08 Jan 2010 03:29 : \____

>> You have to understand about DFS:  He is crazed on the topic of Linux, and
>> to him, anyone who uses Windows to make money, or who does not have to work
>> to make money, is not allowed to promote Linux /or/ criticize Microsoft --
>> that makes them "hypocrites".
> He would *have* to be crazy to not see the trends after studying it
> for so long. The pace of progress might be too slow, or it might be
> too technically difficult for him to deal with the problems he runs
> into, but to not see the endgame after studying it so long is madness.
> It only took me a few months to figure it out. I had to compile some
> Intel wireless drivers and such but I got it working. And that is the
> point.
>> The funny thing is, such people have even *more* justification for their
>> views -- they've seen it from *both* sides.
> And it isn't "hypocritical" that I use my MS money to fund a book
> talking about their failing business model, it is "ironic".
>> > Anyway, the PDF is a free download so people can decide for
>> > themselves. But don't listen to bitter little b*tches whose only
>> > contribution is to quote an Amazon review by someone else.
>> Thanks for the book.  I'll read it on my OLPC XO-1.
> Sweet, I have a shot of that in the book. Understand that you are not
> my primary audience, but I do feel that there is stuff for many in the
> free software community to think about. I also tried to keep it a fast
> read.

I know people who have read it and loved it.

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