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[News] Linux a Big Star in CES 2010

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Tux takes a bow: Linux makes presence known at CES

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is still a strong player in the little 
| laptop market. MSI has announced that 
| Novell's new mashup of Moblin and SUSE Linux 
| Enterprise Desktop will be available as an 
| option on the upcoming 10-inch MSI U135 
| netbook. Smartbooks have finally arrived and 
| are making a big splash at CES. HP has an 
| Android-based smartbook with a 10-inch 
| resistive touchscreen, and Lenovo announced 
| its slim Skylight with a Web-oriented Linux 
| OS. Both products ship with the 1GHz Qualcomm 
| Snapdragon ARM processor.


Last year:

CES 2009 - Followup

,----[ Quote ]
| Of the many interesting companies I found who were showcasing Linux powered
| equipment, iRiver was one of the most surprising.  They were exhibiting at
| CES presenting their new Wave Home device, an LCD video phone system designed
| to do more than just be a video phone.  You can send SMS messages, do Video
| conferencing, build contact lists, leave notes, schedule events, run widgets
| to check the weather, browse the web, locate information, watch movies, view
| photos, and even do either Internet Radio or FM radio.  And all of this done
| through an embedded Linux OS.

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