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[News] What Makes Java So Successful

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What Java EE 6 Offers the Enterprise and Integration

,----[ Quote ]
| Sharples: The big selling point of Java has 
| been always choice. Because it's an open 
| specification driven by an open process (the 
| JCP) and because there's a very active Open 
| Source Java ecosystem - there's choice at 
| every level. If you are a developer - there's 
| a choice of technology frameworks - there is 
| no single vendor dictating how you should 
| build your applications and what technologies 
| and APIs you should use. But at the end of the 
| day - it's all Java and very familiar to a 
| large number of developers -- as a result 
| there's a huge developer base to tap into and 
| a huge ecosystem of tools and applications 
| designed to work with Java EE.


MySQL, Oracle And Cloud Computing

,----[ Quote ]
| Ever since Oracle announced the acquisition of 
| Sun Microsystems along with MySQL, all hell 
| broke loose in the open source community. With 
| EU questioning the deal, there is a war (of 
| words) erupting inside the community with one 
| side asking EU to block the deal or, at the 
| very least, change the license to another open 
| source license from GPL and the other side 
| urging EU to allow the transaction to go 
| through. Even though I have no love for 
| Oracle, I think it is time to let the deal go 
| through at least for the sake of Sun employees 
| who are sitting there with their future 
| unknown. At the same time, I am not unduly 
| worried about the future of MySQL because I 
| have complete confidence in the open source 
| license of MySQL. Let me try to explain my 
| position here in this post.



Java vs. .Net: Java programmers gain the edge

,----[ Quote ]
| The flexibility that Java brings through its
| open source framework, has made it more
| popular. .NET in its complete form can only be
| installed on computers running a Microsoft
| Windows operating system, whereas Java can be
| installed on computers running any operating
| systems such as Linux, Solaris, Mac OS or
| Windows.


JetBrains releases two variants of Java development
environment IntelliJ IDEA 9

,----[ Quote ]
| Version 9 of Java development environment
| IntelliJ IDEA has now been released in two
| variants â  a commercial version, dubbed
| Ultimate Edition, and an open source Community
| Edition. The Apache 2.0 licence, which is also
| used by other JetBrains open source projects,
| has been selected for the Community Edition.


Sun Releases Java EE 6, Glassfish v3 Portfolio, and NetBeans 6.8

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems has announced the official
| release of the Java EE 6 specification, along
| with Glassfish V3 (the Java EE 6 reference
| implementation), and NetBeans 6.8, which
| enables you to easily build Java EE 6
| applications.


Sun Releases 3 Java Upgrades as EU Begins Closed-Door Merger Hearing

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun appears to have timed the release of
| three updated versions of its Java
| enterprise software products to coincide
| with a closed-door hearing in Europe about
| Oracle's planned takeover. Could be the
| company wants to send regulators a message
| that it's still viable and still
| innovating. It's also quite likely that
| Sun is seeking to reassure customers, who
| are no doubt becoming restless.

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