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Re: Former Microsoft Manager Advocates GNU/Linux

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____/ KeithCu on Monday 11 Jan 2010 03:47 : \____

>> > But don't think all rich capitalists are criminals.
>> This is a line that's used to daemonise critics, dismissing them as
>> anti-capitalists.
> Well, when the health insurance companies and the drug companies and
> the energy companies get criticized, it starts to sound anti-
> capitalist. Maybe I am generalizing.
>> It reminds me of Fox 'News' playing the "Obama is communist" card.
> They never mention communism. They mention socialism and Marxism and
> Maoism, though.

They do mention "communism". I can find a video if you want.

>> People do not distrust Microsoft because it's a "big company". I had a former
>> Softie use this line against me.
>> To give a detailed list of Microsoft's offences would require more than a
>> USENET post can contain. Any attempt to provide such a list will belittle the
>> severe antipathy involved. ECIS has a good document that's recent and concise
>> (about 23 pages).
> I've read some lists. I agree it looks bad.
> The government had no solution to the problem either other than taking
> money and hiring lawyers. Microsoft is a set of people and codebases.
> The IE team didn't add SVG because they were too busy catching up on
> other things. If you realize that much of what is going on is because
> they are actually understaffed for all of the various codebases they
> are working on, they aren't an evil entity, just overwhelmed.

In the following new talk from a Nobel prize winner, Microsoft's abuses
are mentioned a lot:


It's only some days old.

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